Monday, October 17, 2016

GPS is Evil. How To Fix That And Make Money From It Anyway!

Nobody hates the fact the GPS is easily spoofed more than me. It makes me sick that law firms are requiring it and that judges like to see it because if you don't do it EXACTLY right, it can be faked.

There ARE fakers out there, but if you use this technology right, YOU can be the genuine article. Something real will always stand out next to something fake. You know the difference when you see it and so do your clients.

That said, there is also great value in it because:

1) If you catch the photos as they come in and perform fast address validation on them, you can identify problems swiftly and resolve them. The program lets you easily compare the distance of the GPS information in the photo with the GPS location of the address and look for variances in the distance. Anomalies can be discussed with the process server and notes made on them right away. This is done before it is even accepted into the system.

2) In LD, the photos are prominently watermarked also with the GPS information. Someone may be able to edit the EXIF information invisibly, but they will have a hard time with the watermark.

3) The feasibility analysis can be done every day. Looking mathematically in chronological order between each stop, the program measures the speed between the points. If somehting happens too fast, it turns red and you can start asking questions.

4) The feasibility analysis also graphically puts each stop on a map in the order they were done and connects them together so you can put your eyes on the run and make sure it looks ok also.

5) I probably don't have to tell you how much time you save from this. The process server just entered in everything you need to print the affidavit! All you have to do now is Approve it and if you set up the automatic billing, that is done for you. Now you just print the Affidavit and the Invoice and have it waiting for the process server to sign when they come in. That is a big change from servers dropping off their workorders and then coming back the next day to sign them AFTER you spent time typing in all the information. You save a day getting stuff back to your clients faster and you save the labor that your office staff spends typing them up.

6) The biggest value is giving a presentation on this to a prospective client. If you get 5 minutes in front of that client and show them your agency runs this way. You will be leaving a very strong impression.

LEARN AND USE THIS GPS AS A COMPETITIVE EDGE. YOUR COMPETITION MAY BE SOFT IN THIS AREA. Some law firms are demanding you take a photo, but nobody is going around showing how they can use this data to ptotect themselves and their clients.

Except you. Do this.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Code39 multipage barcode recognition is here!

Check it out! This works NICE! Let me know how it works for you!

BIG update on Droid app!

What a disaster that Android phones lost their Menu button!

We have released a new update to the LoyalDog Mobile app in the play store and the app is flying!

I'm really happy with the way this app is working and am going to be adding some new hot features to it and sexing it up a bit.

What took so long?

Well, you know... I've got quite a reputation for the blunt truth and I'm not going to let you down now. Here's what happened:

I saw this one coming over a year ago and hired someone to work on it. They made alot of changes and then tried to raise their price and quit when I wouldn't pay it. Unfortunately, their changes didn't work and I couldn't release an update. Setting up a computer for android development is hard and I never got around to it as there always seemed more pressing things to do. Now we have other programmers. Really really good ones, but android development isn't their thing so they are working all the other stuff that's really hard and I am working the Droid app personally.

Since I have taken over the Droid app in the play store personally (version 160 as of today), this is the app that I am recommending for everyone to use. This is the mobile app that is getting my full attention and that I can personally support you on. So far, version 160 is getting rave reviews. Plenty more to do on it, though.

I am very sad to tell you that I don't like our new iPhone app. It is a browser-based app at to be used from Safari. We will refine this and make it smoother but it does not complare to our Droid app. We used to have a native iPhone app that you download from the iStore. I'm thinking VERY hard about going back to this one. There are just some things that are affecting me ideologically about doing a native iPhone app:

1) Apple forces you to get a Mac to do development of a native iPhone app. YES, I can put together a fake Hackintosh computer and defeat this, but it is hard to want to jump in a playground with this kind of fence around it.

Comparison: Android doesn't care computer I use to make Android apps on. I use Ubuntu Linux.

2) Apple has to approve the app before it gets into the iStore! Yep, they go through the whole interface to make sure it is cool enough for their iStore and they have to approve it.

Comparision: There is no approval process for Android. It's open.

3) If you make any updates to the app, Apple has to approve them first too before they allow it.

Comparision: No problem with updates, no process stands in your way.

4) You have to sign up for Apples 'Developer Network' to be able to publish something. Yes, it's only $100/year and yes, I have the money, but the principle that Apple would force me to pay to develop apps for THEIR phone... well, that's not fair.

Comparision: Android doesnt require any money from you to write Android apps.

5) Apple forces you to use their Xcode development suite to make apps that run on the iPhone. Rob really doesn't like to be forced.

Comparision: Android lets me use any development environment I want, right down to Notepad if I want to be old-school enough.

So, while we DO have a browser-based app that runs on iPhone, our native Droid app remains the best for you.

As for Apple....


I still may swallow my pride and bring us a nice native app for iPhone... A little age and maturity and kids have taught me well that pride can be unhealthy. I'm mulling this one around. Your thoughts?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Datamatrix Multipage Recognition is here....

Eh we been hearing ya.. You want to just throw a bunch of stuff in the scanner and scan it all into one file and then have the program read the barcodes and extract the pages that are between barcodes and attach to jobs.

We have this now.

It works with the datamatrix barcode so.. if you scan in 20 pages and the first page reads a workorder and the 10th page reads an affidavit and the 11th page reads service documents... it will take pages 1-9 and make a new pdf file of them and attach it to the job with the workorder, take page 10 and attach it to the job with the affidavit and take page 11-20 and make a pdf of them and attach them to the job with the service documents.

It's hot! :)

It's under Batch Ops-->Batch Datamatrix ONE FILE MULTIPAGE RECOGNITION... Check it out, it needs to be PDF that you upload into it and no spaces or special chars like underscores, etc in the filename, just letters and numbers.

Let us know how you like it!


Monday, May 9, 2016

iPhone app is ready for you to use!

Ok everyone, it's about time! Help us test the NEW iPhone app!

on your iphone make sure you are using SAFARI for this!

Even though this app works in your web browser, it is an OFFLINE app... Once you Download New Jobs you no longer require internet until you Upload Queue.

set it up just like the other app, skype us if you have probs, we will help you out.


Monday, April 18, 2016


Good morning!

I noticed that the Configure menu had so many items on it that it went all the way to the bottom of the screen if you selected it. That can make for scrolling problems if you have to scroll down to something and it disappears, so I added some additional categories for things:

Advanced Setup (for things you don't use too much)
Billing Setup (for invoice line items and price codes)
General Setup (for the things you need to get going)

Hopefully this simplifies things.

Jake has some big changes coming with integrated documentation and a built-in messaging on the command center. We don't want you to have to leave your program to get help. We want to be right at your fingertips in your program. I understand he is finishing this one up. Get ready. :)

The new mobile app also has some EXCELLENT updates. New link for it is: -- clear all your Google caches and load this one up. It has integrated documentation. The iphone app is ready also but we are having some issues with the server cacheing pages - we expect it to be ready for you very shortly.

After almost 4 years in the Philippines, I have decided to move back to the USA with my family. I went out there alone and am returning with a lovely wife and 4 kids. It really came down to a decision of keeping things as they are and living the easy life overseas or doubling down and being able to give personal service again. The kind of personal service that sets us apart from our competitors and delights our customers.

I am here now setting everything up, just bought a trademark Dayton rustbucket truck and am making a massive cross-country trip to drop in on some of our customers, hang around in their offices and fit the program VERY solidly to what they need and also to get new ideas. There's nothing like boots on the ground and I'm here until at least mid-June. I can see myself here for most of the summer, too. There's alot of people to see! Current stops going to be: NY, IL, AZ, NV, FL, DC, WA, GA and CA. If you want me to drop in your office, make sure all is good, show you things in the program and/or make new things for you... Let us know so we can add you to the list. I'm really looking to use our custom screens for job types to give you smooth workflow for the different types of jobs you do and other optimizations on site.

I'm still on the fence about attending the NAPPS convention in NM on June 2. There is an 85% chance that I will be going there and hanging out meeting old and new friends. I have really missed everyone, I just try to avoid politics and b.s. as much as I can and concentrate on having the best software and keeping our customers happy.

Need anything, hit us up. We are here for you.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Customizable Job Screens/Dynamic Data Inclusion

Well, I told ya we'd be doing this... Now let me show you what it all means!

As a process serving agency, you do more than just serve papers. Maybe for certain job types like Postings, you could really use some extra fields on that job screen and for SubpoenaPrep&Serve, you could use a job screen with some other different fields on it.

There's a whole lot of different uses for this. Check out the coupla of samples below: