Custom Auto-Completion Emails Per Manner

Wouldn't you like to be able to send a client a different auto-completion email for different manners?

That ability is finally here!

Check out Config->Forms->Customizable Manners/Affidavits and you will see an Email link there you just open it up and check the box to use it and put in your custom email for that manner!

We have a customer putting in his skip-trace prices on non-serve emails that were bad addresses so the client can decide then and there if they want our customer to skip the defendant.

For Diligence manners you could have all attempts go to the client in the auto-completion email as well.

This looks to be a powerful feature! We will be adding things to it, let us know how you like it!

Proximity Matrix is BACK!!!

The proximity matrix is back!You must uninstall the present version of the old ldmobile. Google play had removed itThe new one is now version 180 and it has the prox back!!After you download new jobs you do the geocode addressit will miss a few thats ok just hit the back button and select geocode addressses again.The only ones that remain are the missed onesgo geocode them again until it doesnt miss any more then its ready to use the proximity matrix,And that..... works as before!!Check it out we gonna need some feedback !!What are we talking about here? No more routing out your jobs. The program shows you them on a map so you can just pick the one closest to you and get automatic turn by turn directions from Navigator!No more multiple stop routing programs just go!

Multiple Prepayments Per Job

LDMax can now handle multiple prepayments per job so if a client pays you with a few checks like for filing, service and recording, you can add these all in and they will break out to individual payments when the job is invoiced.

From the case screen, just select the job(s) and hit the PP button to apply prepayments.

E-Commerce On Client Interface (Hot!)

We have a hot new feature where you can force clients to prepay their work via integration. Its FAST!

I'm sorry for the poor video quality, the program is good but the videos are bad :(

Special thanks to Brandon at SameDay Process!

Never get stiffed again!

Programmable Event Rules Enhanced

New capabilities here, check out the ability to restrict certain rules to clients as well as specify certain field contents.

This section is a very powerful section of the program...

Get Additional Info On Address With MAP/MELISSA!

Now LDMax has made it even easier for you to verify the address of the servee right in your very case screen! Just locate the servee address and below it you will find a 'Map/Melissa' link. If you click Map, the location will show up in Google Maps. If you click Melissa, it will bring you to Melissa website where you will find more information about the address.

Register with Melissa and get even more information, its FREE!

Color Coding Job Types

Color Coding Job Types!

And just like that, Loyaldog is back a new surprise! The good kind, that is. Rob Dayton has recently incorporated a feature that all of you would love: COLOR CODING for your JOB TYPES!

Don't you just love how easier it is for you to just take one glance at the jobs in a certain case and right away know through the color it has what type of job it is?

Try it! First, you need to configure the colors for the job type. Go to Configure > General Setup > Job Types > Click on the Job Type > Case Color Code and choose a color. Then, when creating a job, click on the type of job. Automatically, the color will appear when you browse them through the list of jobs for that case.

Check out the walk-through of this feature here.