Did Dayton really put a PotatoHead in my program?

Configure-->Advanced Setup-->Custom Stylesheets

Only Admin can do this:

I hear you out there wondering why there is a Mr. PotatoHead on your top menu. Call your friends and tell them Dayton put a !@#$%ing PotatoHead in your program!

Remember the Mr. PotatoHead?

You could put any ears and nose or lips on it and make it look unique. That's what this feature does.

Want a completely different command center? Different options, branded to your agency? Take things you don't need off of it, put new things on there just for you that the other guy can't see? We can do this.

Different search header up at the top? No problem. Eventually, the whole program will be customizable and brandable. Did you know that LD runs some really big big big shops and that we brand it so it looks and feels completely different from what you use here? Giant foreclosure mills, big collection-niche agencies, child-support specialists... 
The big guys like everyone to think their software is proprietary. Yo…

New LDMax Scanning App For Windows

Hey, want to scan really really fast and accurate?

Vintasoft came out with a new driver and it's hot.

Download and extract it into a folder somewhere.

Run it, it will give an error message, just Continue

When you get to the main screen just hit Settings and put in your login information.

Check it out and hit us back with feedback so we can make it better. It sure is fast!

LDMax and LDWin5 unified FTP/SFTP protocol for documents

Good Morning!

In LDWin5, On the web side of the program under Configure->Client Scan Code Mapper - there is a way to configure the documents that you scan for your clients and some abbreviations for them.

In LDMax, this is on the client profile as Scan Mapper.

Your program can be set up to FTP/SFTP scanned documents to a client using these parameters. All we need is the FTP credentials from your client and we can set it up.

These files will be named 123-456-789_AOS_123456.pdf - the first number there 123-456-789 being The client's file #, the _AOS (or whatever abbreviation
you set up) denoting the document type and _123456 being a random number to insure that there are no duplicates because many clients have the same file number for multiple defs on the same case. When there is no file# on the JOB screen (LawFirmFile#/LawFirmRef), then it will not pull that job/document for scanning.

The program will email you every time it fires so that you know it fired and checked for scans…

Volume Statistics Are Coming Back!

Ported over from LDWin5 statistical section, the graphical statistic reports are coming over:

Volume/Received By Month added today, others on the way in Reports->Statitstics

Need anything special on these? Let us know.

QuickBooks Online Export

Did you know that LDMax smoothly exports invoices to QBOnline?

The documentation is here:

Client Profiles Enhanced

Today we added the Balance field to the client search so you can see quickly who owes you money even while you are just searching for a client.

We also added that information to the client profile and if you click on it, you are taken to an Open Invoices screen where you can view/print/export them if you like.

Print And Email Invoices With Statements

When you go to Billing->Statements there is now a checkbox for Print Invoices that will print the statements with the invoices attached.

When you Email Statements with that box checked, the client can also see the invoices with the statements.

From Forms->Customizable Statements, you can also configure the subject and body of the email that you would like to go to the client when you Email Statements. Want something hot with your logo in it? Just let us know!

Thank you to our customers for your input on this one!