Updates 10/12/2018

Good Afternoon,

We added ClientAddrID to the Advanced Search and also changed the way Companies appear on your case screen ( thereby showing you more detail and giving you easy access to it):

This is another good one from Joshua Anderson at Serenity... Actually, he has quite a few good ideas we will be incorporating.

HOT LoyalScan Update Integrates With Batch Operations

Hey! Hurry up and Download extract it into a folder somewhere.
Run it, it will give an error message, just Continue

When you get to the main screen just hit Settings and put in your login information.

Check it out and hit us back with feedback so we can make it better. It sure is fast!
Thanks to Rich Kingdon at Shadow Process Service, when it finds a barcode it now has a textbox where it places the job number with a semicolon so if it finds a few it does this too:
Once you pull your mouse over that textbox it copies it and you can just paste them into BatchOps in LDMax in case you want to do even more batch processing things to the jobs you just attached!\
Thanks Rich!

New Quick Links Added To Default Command Center

Special Thanks to Josh Anderson at Serenity Legal Solutions for coming up with this one.

We added some shortcuts to his command center a coupla months ago and they really look nice and improve workflow so we have added them to the default command center so you may be seeing these in your program if we haven't done a custom command center for you.

Yes, the command center/dashboard is fully customizable also and so is the pie chart and notifications!

Let us know how you like this one. :)

New Case Entry Improvement! Client Notes, Court Notes and Company Notes while entering and on existing...

You've probably seen the Notes field in Courts, Clients and Company Screens:

Now, LDMax will show you these notes as you are entering in a new case:

LDMax will also show you these notes on the case screen after you have created the case:

If you don't already see this in your program, then we may have done a custom case screen for you. Just let us know and we will add this to your screen. Thank You!


Some new updates we have added:

Client Status Report now allows you to select multiple clients

Server Status Report has been added

We made the Client File# search much faster off the command center.

We added under Configure->General Setup->Document Types (Scans) the ability to also specify if the document is visible to the process server. If the process server can see it, the program will let them download it.

In line with the above update, we have added the ability for the process server to select document types that are visible to them so that they can specify which documents they are attaching. Previously, it just said ATTACHED BY PROCESS SERVER as the document type.

NAPPS SDTS integration is nearly complete and it will also allow full compatibility with trading to PST and other software programs supported by their UTP Platform. This is important because... Actually... Jobs coming to you off the NAPPS site really dont have alot of information! They don't even send you th…


Want a "Click Here To Pay Now" button on your invoice to get you paid ASAP?

Hit us up, we will add it for you and get your money in your pocket where it belongs!

Have another button that looks better? We can add that too, LDMax forms are fully customizable!

... one more thing... did you know that some of the other process serving software providers TAKE A PERCENTAGE OF YOUR CREDIT CARD FEES!? Servemanager takes 1%! WTF is that?!

We don't skim any of your money off the top like that man thats NUTS! ..and we dont get no kickbacks from the credit card processors either. Shame on anyone that has to skim your money like that, that's about as low as you can go.

Any fees for credits cards are between you and your credit card processor. Right now this feature uses Stripe and you will need an account with Stripe, but we may be hooking up other payment processors also. Stay tuned.

Updates are FUN!

We added custom emails for when you hit Email Affidavit. Now you can send breath-taking HTML emails that will have people wondering what technology you are using for this. They can have your logos in them, any text or formatiing you like, etc...

You can also send multiple affidavits in one email. Hit us up if you would like us to set this up for you and then you can modify is as you please.

We will be making all of the emails this way.

We've added alot more over the past month but I've been very poor about documenting that. I will try to do better, I like it when you can see all the new stuff going on.

We also have a custom email where you can send out a custom email with a list of jobs that havent been attempted in xxx days to your process servers. We can have it fire every xxx days, it's pretty neat.