Get Additional Info On Address With MAP/MELISSA!

Now LDMax has made it even easier for you to verify the address of the servee right in your very case screen! Just locate the servee address and below it you will find a 'Map/Melissa' link. If you click Map, the location will show up in Google Maps. If you click Melissa, it will bring you to Melissa website where you will find more information about the address.

Register with Melissa and get even more information, its FREE!

Color Coding Job Types

Color Coding Job Types!

And just like that, Loyaldog is back a new surprise! The good kind, that is. Rob Dayton has recently incorporated a feature that all of you would love: COLOR CODING for your JOB TYPES!

Don't you just love how easier it is for you to just take one glance at the jobs in a certain case and right away know through the color it has what type of job it is?

Try it! First, you need to configure the colors for the job type. Go to Configure > General Setup > Job Types > Click on the Job Type > Case Color Code and choose a color. Then, when creating a job, click on the type of job. Automatically, the color will appear when you browse them through the list of jobs for that case.

Check out the walk-through of this feature here.

Drag And Drop File Attaching

YES! ANOTHER hot new feature for you:Drag and Drop!!!

We always try to find ways to make everything faster and more efficient for your work flow. We aim to make you save more time attaching files to your cases, jobs or even directly to the defendant. 

Watch how it's done here.

So many new features.....

Sorry it's been awhile since we posted, the new features were coming out so fast.

We have an incredible court filing system going on, we are still tweaking it with a customer before we start bragging about it.

Check request system is also working nicely, we are finalizing that as well with a guinea-pig before releasing it into your programs.

We have commenced work on a new California Mode for California agencies and are loading in all forms.

We are also taking on the accounting system and wanting a double-entry accounting system so you can handle your bank balances and payables in the system too. It would be nice if you could use LD to pay your electric bill and track your other business expenses as well.

The LDMax Mobile iPhone app is STRONG and has passed heavy testing. Everyone loves it - we have commenced work re-doing the Android app to be just like it.

Lots of stuff going on, I wanted to blog about each new feature coming out but we all (3 programmers here) started rolling …

LDMax Customer Actually Happy

... one time a few years ago someone told me that a day without LoyalDog issues was like a day without the sun, it just didn't happen.
The customer was right. We had a Windows app which we still support but it can be challenging because things break sometimes when Windows does an update and antivirus and scanning software can interfere with the user's experience and make it appear like something is broken or super slow. It was very frustrating to have a program that worked right but get blamed when Windows screws something up. 
So, a coupla years ago we really went nuts on the LDMax web app that run on Linux and is only used in a Chrome or Firefox browser by the customer whether on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS or Android... It runs consistently and is much MUCH easier to support and install (you dont install anything!)...
We are able to do updates and customizations so much faster because it is written in one language instead of two and the code is leaner and meaner.
2 days ago, …

Sexy New iPhone app is HERE!

It's about time!

Search for LDMax Mobile on the App Store. You will get 2 results. One is LoyalDog and the other is LDMax Mobile.

Download the LDMax Mobile one!

This app keeps an offline queue and you Upload Queue when you are ready! This is excellent if you run into conditions where there is no internet.