Happy Birthday to me!

We got the kinks ironed out of the evil new update and you may now trade jobs via NAPPS SDTS.

This also opens you up to trade jobs with PST users and TriStar users.

Want to take it for a spin?

Hit us up and we will get you credentials and you can use it.


Caveat: They're going to charge you for each job. I think its 11 cents.

New Update Multiple Addresses Per Job

Happy Holidays!!!!

We made a big update to LDMax allowing for additional addresses to be added onto jobs. We are doing this so we can sew in a tighter link to PST and NAPPS SDTS.

There may be some hiccups, please let us know if theres any probs and please apply the updates you see on your login to your commmand center right away!

Also, your servers need to do a new Download New Jobs before they submit in their photos and stuff.

We're here if you have any questions, you should notice your job screens are enhanced now with this functionality.


Get ready for the NAPPS SDTS integration!


I'm warning you man you're gonna be vaping Indica and starting at the wall like a zombie after you read this!

Bail out now unless you really want your head scrambled....

Ok, you been warned.


You know, every few years we completely tear down the old program and make a new one. It's just part of staying the best at what we do.

Well, after much R&D, we have commenced the complete tear-down and rebuild of LDMax into a new program called LDMaxJ. Nobody has to migrate to it, we are continuing full support of LDMax as our flagship program. We just want this LDMaxJ for very large shops and agencies that want to brand the screens program-wide and we want to get matured in this type of technology as it is where things are going. Y'all know I'm more than 5 years ahead of my time and see things coming from far away.

From the ground-up we are making EVERY screen ful…

11/27 - Horizontal Scaling Project Update - Affidavits Rendering Faster

Big update happened today in the forms generation for the affidavits. We are now porting it to the rest of the forms that the program makes.

Historically the flow has been to generate the PDF and then refresh the browser to its location. So if the program made 12345.pdf, it would refresh to

This worked for many years because would always resolve to - the same machine.... and its a powerful machine.

But what if we wanted to run 4 code machines instead of one and evenly spread the load? Some of your offices got alot bigger and can bog down a web server sometimes. Then, at any given moment, when your browser looks for, it could get one of 4 different machines. So, if we generated the file on machine 1 and then your browser went looking for it on machine 2, we would have a problem.

Fixing this means going through the program and having it send you a header right away and the form data…

New feature 11/27! Custom Scanned Document Emails

Special Thanks to Chris Broderick at Elite Legal and Joshua Anderson at Serenity Legal for this one:

Under Configure->General Setup->Document Types (Scans) you can now set a custom email for each document type.

That's huge because when you scan a set of Service Documents, it can say one thing and advise the client what to expect, etc...

...and then when you Hi-Speed Automatic Barcode Recognition Scan a set of Affiadvits, it can automatically mark it as received back from the server (via programmable rules) and it can say another thing and advise the client its being mailed, already filed, etc...

These are custom HTML emails you can make with nice images/logos in them.

Set up properly, this feature puts a really nice face on your agency and lets you automate the scanning process to trigger other things to happen upon the scan.

That's real polish and automation that makes a huge difference in your workflow, not the fluff the other guys are trying to sell you on in their p…

Updates 11/7/2018

New updates are in the program but they're a whole lot of little tiny things...

Prox Map/Geocode added to the LDMax Mobile app... We are now adding the options to force descriptions and force spouse name if married to both android apps and will update the iphone app with that also after the android is done.

We have added forcing descriptions and forcing spouse name if married to the process server interface.

NAPPS SDTS integration is nearing completion.

Added Plaintiff and Defendant to the All Open Invoices details.

Bigger stuff is coming.

Updates 10/12/2018

Good Afternoon,

We added ClientAddrID to the Advanced Search and also changed the way Companies appear on your case screen ( thereby showing you more detail and giving you easy access to it):

This is another good one from Joshua Anderson at Serenity... Actually, he has quite a few good ideas we will be incorporating.