Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Volume Statistics Are Coming Back!

Ported over from LDWin5 statistical section, the graphical statistic reports are coming over:

Volume/Received By Month added today, others on the way in Reports->Statitstics

Need anything special on these? Let us know.

QuickBooks Online Export

Did you know that LDMax smoothly exports invoices to QBOnline?

The documentation is here:


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Client Profiles Enhanced

Today we added the Balance field to the client search so you can see quickly who owes you money even while you are just searching for a client.

We also added that information to the client profile and if you click on it, you are taken to an Open Invoices screen where you can view/print/export them if you like.

Print And Email Invoices With Statements

When you go to Billing->Statements there is now a checkbox for Print Invoices that will print the statements with the invoices attached.

When you Email Statements with that box checked, the client can also see the invoices with the statements.

From Forms->Customizable Statements, you can also configure the subject and body of the email that you would like to go to the client when you Email Statements. Want something hot with your logo in it? Just let us know!

Thank you to our customers for your input on this one!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Easy Barcode Recognition For Scans In LDMax

Don't waste your time renaming files and playing with 3rd party apps or manually attaching.

LDMax has built-in automatic barcode recognition and it saves you a ton of time and aggravation. Document doens't have a barcode? LDMax can swiftly print you a label you can stick on it with a barcode to scan.

Just browse to the file(s) you scanned, tell it how many barcodes it should find, upload and the program does the rest.

When it comes to handling of many documents and high volume, the difference between the men and the boys is clearer.

Shout out to servemanager for phoning our customers during an outage and asking them how happy they were with the outage and if they'd like to switch.

That's some low marketing strategy. Speaks volumes.

You don't have to do crazy workarounds and hacks to get your business to work with LDMax, let us know what you need and if we don't have it, we will make it for you.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

DataMatrix multipage recognition added to LDWIN5

We have added server-side DataMatrix multipage recognition to the program for you. Upload one file (or many) and it will take things apart and put them on the jobs they need to do go to.

It's on the web side under the new recognition tab after you login at http://ldog.loyalpuppy.com (or your own server) - check it out, it uses the same method that LDMax uses and since it works off of the DataMatrix barcode, it is VERY reliable!

I'd love to tell you who we did this for, but we are under an NDA with them to not disclose them as a customer and have branded the program to look like something completely different and proprietary (yes, we do that and we are really good at it!).

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

LD outage 3/8

We were down for 7 hours today due to one of our programmers getting us a new SSL certificate and re-configuring the web server improperly.

Usually when there is an outage, it is due to something beyond our control.  This one was just plain error on our part and really, we shouldn't have been configuring the SSL and restarting our web services during your business day.

No data loss but 7 hours downtime right in the middle of your work day is a pretty big inconvenience.

My apologies for this one, please forgive us. We will be installing the new certificate well after your business hours today. All is up and humming good now.


Code39 Multipage on LDWIN5

Hey I see some of you stubborn agencies out there don't like to switch off your smooth ldwin5 and get on LDMax...

That's fine with us. We have added server-side Code-39 multipage recognition to the program for you. Upload one file (or many) and it will take things apart and put them on the jobs they need to do go to.

It's on the web side under the new recognition tab after you login at http://ldog.loyalpuppy.com (or your own server) - check it out, it uses the same method that LDMax uses and is quite reliable.

What you may not realize with ldwin5 is that even though you are using a Windows program, there is a web-side interface into it also. :) We have some statistical analysis, GPS features, imports, exports and barcode recognition there for your pleasure.

Datamatrix coming soon.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

New Report! Client Hell-In-A-Bucket

New Report Added:

Reports->Client Hell-In-A-Bucket

Sometimes a large client will just give you a list of their file numbers that they want status on. Now you can swiftly blow out an Excel file and send it back to them with all their information. This is something that saves a boatload of hours and then puts the ball back in THEIR court and gets them off your back.

Few large clients really expect an answer back from a large list of requests so fast.

Let them know you're the best!

Need other fields on this report? Let us know, we can add them fast for you.

Monday, February 27, 2017

New Updates 2/28

Good Morning,

Here-s some updates we have for the start of 2/28:

1) Changed the Programmable Event Rules to let you specify which fields specifically are required.

2) When a field is required, the program also makes sure that field does not equal '0000-00-00' as well as does not equal '' in order to encompass required date fields.

3) When doing Invoice Selected On One from case screen, the new invoice now pops up automatically (Thanks, Chase Agency!)

4) Added Event Type ON JOB APPROVAL to Programmable Event Rules.

5) Added Manner restriction to Programmable Event Rules.

Fresh Updates 2/27

Good Morning,

A few things happened this weekend:

1) Made Job Type required on Add Defendant and Add Address.

2) Added NEW Batch route feature to Report "With Selected" section. Not working right for you? Let us know, you just need a google map key.

3) Added Case Notes to splatter fields options.

4) Altered Programmable Event Rules to have a Must Have Court Case Number option.

5) Advanced Search updated with Exceptions section lets you search for things that are NOT there also. This one is HUGE. Need anything on it? Let us know, we got your back!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

NEW Scan Report

Reports->Management->Scans By Range lets you pull up things that got scanned by date range and lets you filter by document type. Need more filters? Just let us know, we'll put anything you need on it.

*NEW* Exception Report section also added under the Reports Menu, We moved in some of the other exception reports under it to keep the Reports tab from getting too many options under it and scrolling off of your screen. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NEW Powerful Exception Report

NEW Powerful Exception Report:

Reports->Completed Jobs By Range (Certain Docs Not Attached)

This reports lets you select multiple documents or use a wildcard and pulls completed jobs that do NOT have them attached. You can filter by multiple job types, multiple manners and multiple client price codes.

You can very quickly find completed jobs with no affidavits scanned, or other documents not scanned with this report.

Being able to find things that did NOT happen is huge. Thank you to our customers for asking for this one, we love your input!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Fully Customizable Forms Exactly How You Like

We're happy to dial you in with custom affidavits to fit your agency. Sometimes we have to charge a little, sometimes we don't.

Have a look at some of the forms below, we're happy to give your business its own distinct look that separates you from your competitors:

Monday, January 23, 2017

Data Hub Interchange

Good Morning,

Thanks to the diligence and patience of some good customers, we have found a glitch in the hub that may have caused you to miss receiving back information on some jobs.

You are going to get flooded with events, documents and photos now. You may apply them. If you have already invoiced the job on your end, then none of the events will apply on them.

Big thanks to The Chase Agency, J&E Process, MLQ Attorney Services and JK Investigations for helping us find this one.

I'm sorry it took us so long to find the problem. It was hard and your help made it possible. Now we will code in an advanced system that lets you monitor posts that failed and find out why they failed and choose to re-send them or delete them.

Thank you again!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Accounts Receivable Update

In addition to sorting on columns, you can now also filter by Date Invoiced range!

Force One Invoice Per Job

One of the neat features about LDMax is its ability to have multiple invoices per job. This is huge if you are an investigator and need to do progressive invoicing or if you have a relationship with your client that allows for this.

However, some agencies have a more rigid workflow and need to ONLY have one invoice per job. This is especially true if you are in a high volume situation doing data exchanges and law firms only want to see one invoice per job.

Going to Configure->General->Company Variables and setting the checkbox under Basic Settings for Only Allow One Invoice Per Job will prevent you and your staff from accidentally compiling more than one invoice on a job.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Updates 01/03/2017

Small updates today on job entry and zip codes for auto assign, autocomm and autobilling:


Documentation is here!


..we are putting this into your command center and will keep it updated regularly!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Nice Updates! 01/02/2017!

Score one for the mock office!

As soon as I started training on data entry, we ran into a coupla things and since my development station is next to where we do the training, I just jumped over and improved the job creation process... check it out:

Also, 1 customer has tested the credit card payments and it working nice. :)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Your Clients Can Now Pay By Credit Card via Client Interface!

Real-Time Credit Card Processing Is Here!

Help us test it out and make sure it's hot!

Sign up at http://stripe.com and activate your account.

Go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/apikeys and take note of your API keys.

Then, just go to Configure->General Setup->Company Variables

Check the box to Use Stripe Integration and copy and paste in your keys and Save.

Then, then your clients log in as Law Firm and go to My Account, they can select Open Invoices and pay them!

Check it out!

We will be adding options for Pay Now buttons in invoices as well as client registration and prepaying new jobs submitted online with credit cards.

We will keep you posted.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

New LDMax changes 12/8/2016

Hey there we have some updates for you!

1) Under Reports Menu, we changed Commissions Owed to delineate between Commissions Owed (Date Completed Range) - which was the default and - Commissions Owed (Date Invoiced Range). We have some customers who don't pay commissions until the job is invoiced.

2) Under Batch Ops -> Batch Datamatrix (NEW), we added the ability to override the document type that is embedded in the datamatrix and also to specify the number of barcodes that should be found in the document uploaded. If it doesn't find that many barcodes, then it reports to you and does not attach them. Also, in the result set that is reported to you, you are able to perform actions on the job numbers that it did find (in addition to those documents being attached to those jobs)...

3) Alot of new Imports from law firms have been added.

4) We have added full integration to scan to Google Drive instead of Amazon S3. You can do both now. We will be releasing good documentation for the setup on this.

5) Under Configure->General Setup->Process Server Detail we have added commission options to the zip code coverage!!!! If you set the ApplyNonServeComm and ApplyServeComm to YES, it will auto-apply those commissions when the job is completed and approved.

We have a new office now in Cebu. It is a mock process serving agency! We do everything except serve legally-binding papers on people.

We will be using it to make you nice videos showing you how to do the more advanced things in the program along with some suggestions to optimize your work flow.

We are also listening hard to you.

#1 came from Tag Process
#2 came from Tag Process
#3 came from several customers
#4 came from Sean Laman at Phoenix Legal Logistics
#5 came from Brandon Snesko at Sameday in DC

Keep your ideas and suggestions coming. We are implementing them.

Have a good holiday season. When I served, it sucked because everyone goes on vacation and all my bills sat an extra month to get paid.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Look Out! Compliance Audits From Collection/Foreclosure Firms!

Compliance Audits.....

If you do high volume collections/foreclosures, maybe some of your clients want a compliance audit...

What's that?

They want to send someone out to your office and make sure you really have an office and proper procedures in place to protect their data.

They'll have some questions about your software too. A few of them already know LoyalDog and once you tell them you run LD, they just move on to all the other stuff they will be asking you about. Some important things you will want to remember and tell them about LD:

1) Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Your backups are also encrypted. Make sure you always use https:// to hit your program instead of http://

2) There are role-based access permissions in place. This means, you are able to configure certain people to only be allowed to do certain things. We will be posting a video on how to set this up, its pretty cool. Check it out at Configure->Holders--Employee Role Configuration.

3) LDMax is hosted at Amazon in a secure facility: https://aws.amazon.com/security/ The code and database machines are separate and the database machines only talk to the code machines ONLY. Firewalls and IP restrictions are in place.

4) Make sure you change employee passwords every 30-90 days and have a policy for this. LDMax will soon begin alerting you about this.

Unfortunately, once you tell the auditors this... They are going to start looking at other things around your office. They will be looking for:

1) Employees wearing ID cards and needing those cards and/or fingerprint reader to get into the work area.

2) If you have a network server, that it is behind a LOCKED door and nobody has the key except you. I have a customer with a fingerprint reader on the door, its cool.

3) An alarm system.

4) On your workstations, a network server enforcing role/group policies.

5) A GOOD firewall and proper rules on it.

6) You might want a nice well-lit work environment and have your employees wearing a t-shirt with your company logo on it too. It never hurts to look sharp when the auditor comes to town.

7) CCTV cameras and make sure they are of good quality and that everything is recorded on AND off-site.

8) Look organized.

Try to make sure you have a good IT guy on your staff also. It doesn't look good if these people have have questions and nobody there has any answers.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Real-Time (Well, within 15 mins) Data-Link with Provest

Do you do work for Provest?

We now have a way you can use their barcodes to match their jobs up in your system real fast and then your system will fire back your photos/gps and attempts to them as you approve them. Provest pushed real hard for this and was even nice enough to help me do it, since I wasn't skilled at all in the protocol they use to communicate.

I've been asking them for:

1) having the court, documents and defendant caption also sent to us -- if they do that then you wont have to match them up, we could make it so you scan their barcode and the case just drops in. that..... would be nice.

2) having your scanned documents fire back to them also

3) getting a web service for your invoices to them to go back

4) getting your completion information to go back

5) getting new case filing information to go back

YOU can help by:

1) Getting set up for this... just let us know.

2) Pestering them for the above items to be added to their interface. Provest wants THEIR information fast. You're going to have to kick them a few times to get YOUR information from them. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

GPS is Evil. How To Fix That And Make Money From It Anyway!

Nobody hates the fact the GPS is easily spoofed more than me. It makes me sick that law firms are requiring it and that judges like to see it because if you don't do it EXACTLY right, it can be faked.

There ARE fakers out there, but if you use this technology right, YOU can be the genuine article. Something real will always stand out next to something fake. You know the difference when you see it and so do your clients.

That said, there is also great value in it because:

1) If you catch the photos as they come in and perform fast address validation on them, you can identify problems swiftly and resolve them. The program lets you easily compare the distance of the GPS information in the photo with the GPS location of the address and look for variances in the distance. Anomalies can be discussed with the process server and notes made on them right away. This is done before it is even accepted into the system.

2) In LD, the photos are prominently watermarked also with the GPS information. Someone may be able to edit the EXIF information invisibly, but they will have a hard time with the watermark.

3) The feasibility analysis can be done every day. Looking mathematically in chronological order between each stop, the program measures the speed between the points. If somehting happens too fast, it turns red and you can start asking questions.

4) The feasibility analysis also graphically puts each stop on a map in the order they were done and connects them together so you can put your eyes on the run and make sure it looks ok also.

5) I probably don't have to tell you how much time you save from this. The process server just entered in everything you need to print the affidavit! All you have to do now is Approve it and if you set up the automatic billing, that is done for you. Now you just print the Affidavit and the Invoice and have it waiting for the process server to sign when they come in. That is a big change from servers dropping off their workorders and then coming back the next day to sign them AFTER you spent time typing in all the information. You save a day getting stuff back to your clients faster and you save the labor that your office staff spends typing them up.

6) The biggest value is giving a presentation on this to a prospective client. If you get 5 minutes in front of that client and show them your agency runs this way. You will be leaving a very strong impression.

LEARN AND USE THIS GPS AS A COMPETITIVE EDGE. YOUR COMPETITION MAY BE SOFT IN THIS AREA. Some law firms are demanding you take a photo, but nobody is going around showing how they can use this data to ptotect themselves and their clients.

Except you. Do this.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Code39 multipage barcode recognition is here!

Check it out! This works NICE! Let me know how it works for you!

BIG update on Droid app!

What a disaster that Android phones lost their Menu button!

We have released a new update to the LoyalDog Mobile app in the play store and the app is flying!

I'm really happy with the way this app is working and am going to be adding some new hot features to it and sexing it up a bit.

What took so long?

Well, you know... I've got quite a reputation for the blunt truth and I'm not going to let you down now. Here's what happened:

I saw this one coming over a year ago and hired someone to work on it. They made alot of changes and then tried to raise their price and quit when I wouldn't pay it. Unfortunately, their changes didn't work and I couldn't release an update. Setting up a computer for android development is hard and I never got around to it as there always seemed more pressing things to do. Now we have other programmers. Really really good ones, but android development isn't their thing so they are working all the other stuff that's really hard and I am working the Droid app personally.

Since I have taken over the Droid app in the play store personally (version 160 as of today), this is the app that I am recommending for everyone to use. This is the mobile app that is getting my full attention and that I can personally support you on. So far, version 160 is getting rave reviews. Plenty more to do on it, though.

I am very sad to tell you that I don't like our new iPhone app. It is a browser-based app at https://iphone.loyalpuppy.com to be used from Safari. We will refine this and make it smoother but it does not complare to our Droid app. We used to have a native iPhone app that you download from the iStore. I'm thinking VERY hard about going back to this one. There are just some things that are affecting me ideologically about doing a native iPhone app:

1) Apple forces you to get a Mac to do development of a native iPhone app. YES, I can put together a fake Hackintosh computer and defeat this, but it is hard to want to jump in a playground with this kind of fence around it.

Comparison: Android doesn't care computer I use to make Android apps on. I use Ubuntu Linux.

2) Apple has to approve the app before it gets into the iStore! Yep, they go through the whole interface to make sure it is cool enough for their iStore and they have to approve it.

Comparision: There is no approval process for Android. It's open.

3) If you make any updates to the app, Apple has to approve them first too before they allow it.

Comparision: No problem with updates, no process stands in your way.

4) You have to sign up for Apples 'Developer Network' to be able to publish something. Yes, it's only $100/year and yes, I have the money, but the principle that Apple would force me to pay to develop apps for THEIR phone... well, that's not fair.

Comparision: Android doesnt require any money from you to write Android apps.

5) Apple forces you to use their Xcode development suite to make apps that run on the iPhone. Rob really doesn't like to be forced.

Comparision: Android lets me use any development environment I want, right down to Notepad if I want to be old-school enough.

So, while we DO have a browser-based app that runs on iPhone, our native Droid app remains the best for you.

As for Apple....


I still may swallow my pride and bring us a nice native app for iPhone... A little age and maturity and kids have taught me well that pride can be unhealthy. I'm mulling this one around. Your thoughts?

*** Update 11/1/2016 ***
Well, it's easy to say Fuck Apple when you don't have the new iPhone 7! I got one a coupla weeks ago and I'm addicted to it. I'm setting up the development platform to make you a nice fast hot iPhone app. :) They have a new language now called Swift and it looks hot. I'm all over this.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Datamatrix Multipage Recognition is here....

Eh we been hearing ya.. You want to just throw a bunch of stuff in the scanner and scan it all into one file and then have the program read the barcodes and extract the pages that are between barcodes and attach to jobs.

We have this now.

It works with the datamatrix barcode so.. if you scan in 20 pages and the first page reads a workorder and the 10th page reads an affidavit and the 11th page reads service documents... it will take pages 1-9 and make a new pdf file of them and attach it to the job with the workorder, take page 10 and attach it to the job with the affidavit and take page 11-20 and make a pdf of them and attach them to the job with the service documents.

It's hot! :)

It's under Batch Ops-->Batch Datamatrix ONE FILE MULTIPAGE RECOGNITION... Check it out, it needs to be PDF that you upload into it and no spaces or special chars like underscores, etc in the filename, just letters and numbers.

Let us know how you like it!


Monday, May 9, 2016

iPhone app is ready for you to use!

Ok everyone, it's about time! Help us test the NEW iPhone app!


on your iphone make sure you are using SAFARI for this!

Even though this app works in your web browser, it is an OFFLINE app... Once you Download New Jobs you no longer require internet until you Upload Queue.

set it up just like the other app, skype us if you have probs, we will help you out.


Monday, April 18, 2016


Good morning!

I noticed that the Configure menu had so many items on it that it went all the way to the bottom of the screen if you selected it. That can make for scrolling problems if you have to scroll down to something and it disappears, so I added some additional categories for things:

Advanced Setup (for things you don't use too much)
Billing Setup (for invoice line items and price codes)
General Setup (for the things you need to get going)

Hopefully this simplifies things.

Jake has some big changes coming with integrated documentation and a built-in messaging on the command center. We don't want you to have to leave your program to get help. We want to be right at your fingertips in your program. I understand he is finishing this one up. Get ready. :)

The new mobile app also has some EXCELLENT updates. New link for it is: https://android.loyalpuppy.com -- clear all your Google caches and load this one up. It has integrated documentation. The iphone app is ready also but we are having some issues with the server cacheing pages - we expect it to be ready for you very shortly.

After almost 4 years in the Philippines, I have decided to move back to the USA with my family. I went out there alone and am returning with a lovely wife and 4 kids. It really came down to a decision of keeping things as they are and living the easy life overseas or doubling down and being able to give personal service again. The kind of personal service that sets us apart from our competitors and delights our customers.

I am here now setting everything up, just bought a trademark Dayton rustbucket truck and am making a massive cross-country trip to drop in on some of our customers, hang around in their offices and fit the program VERY solidly to what they need and also to get new ideas. There's nothing like boots on the ground and I'm here until at least mid-June. I can see myself here for most of the summer, too. There's alot of people to see! Current stops going to be: NY, IL, AZ, NV, FL, DC, WA, GA and CA. If you want me to drop in your office, make sure all is good, show you things in the program and/or make new things for you... Let us know so we can add you to the list. I'm really looking to use our custom screens for job types to give you smooth workflow for the different types of jobs you do and other optimizations on site.

I'm still on the fence about attending the NAPPS convention in NM on June 2. There is an 85% chance that I will be going there and hanging out meeting old and new friends. I have really missed everyone, I just try to avoid politics and b.s. as much as I can and concentrate on having the best software and keeping our customers happy.

Need anything, hit us up. We are here for you.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Customizable Job Screens/Dynamic Data Inclusion

Well, I told ya we'd be doing this... Now let me show you what it all means!

As a process serving agency, you do more than just serve papers. Maybe for certain job types like Postings, you could really use some extra fields on that job screen and for SubpoenaPrep&Serve, you could use a job screen with some other different fields on it.

There's a whole lot of different uses for this. Check out the coupla of samples below:

Monday, December 28, 2015

What a great DAY!!!

We're flying from Langkawi, Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur later tonight to get ready to fly back home to Cebu on the 31st.

This morning we have designed and coded the basic framework for our new Dynamic Data Inclusion feature that's going to be the foundation for shifting LDMax from process serving software into field service software - and our customers won't even know it happened.

It's like sticking a 302 in your Pinto. It still looks exactly the same until you hit the gas.

See, in your custom job screens, some of you are going to need alot of extra fields. Ever seen a HUD inspection report? Man, its got so many fields and checkboxes on it and if you want LD to make the sheet, you'd have to have like 100 extra fields in your database (we actually wrote a custom program to do this a long time ago - along with a custom program for field calls).

So, if you wanted a program that did field calls AND HUD reports AND process serving AND tenant inspections AND private investigations, your database design would be all over the place (it was) and it would be hard, programatically, to make any changes to it or homogenize it for other agencies that might need other stuff as well.

So.. we needed to come up with a way where the data design on the back end could be fluid. You define a field in your custom job screen design and the program needs to be able to use that field on the back-end seamlessly and automatically. Each customer needs the ability to use the same codebase (your LD) to handle many different fields and designs for the case and job screens. Something like this can make us dial the program in so close to an agency's flow that it fits tighter than an asian condom. The trick is to do this in such a way that 200 of you never notice a thing so that your existing operations are unaffected.

This is the holy grail of programming. Some languages do this for you (Ruby) but, they are modifying the database schema as they go along and when you have many people using the same codebase, that doesn't work out so well. Schemas diminish your flexibility. You can make your database a monster that way and it can't perform well in all situations. Besides, things are going schema-less with key/value stores anyway. One day I want to shift all of you to a massive cluster of computers that all perform queries in parallel. Before that happens, though -- we can use the existing MySQL to do the same thing. :)

That's very valuable to us and gives you an operational edge on your competitors that the other guy just isn't going to have for awhile. One example I'll give you is... California process serving. Some of the proofs have slots for Plaintiff Address. Now, I can add that field to everyone's Case table and make the database design bigger or... I can use the new dynamic data inclusion to handle it. Then, nobody's database design gets changed but customers who need that information can have it. Another good example is private investigations. Many of you are investigators too but... ALL of you do it differently and have different needs for those type of screens. Your program needs to fit your flow.

You shouldn't have to take your whole business and shoe-horn it into the way your software works. LD has always been able to be dialed-in pretty tight anyway. This is just the next level.

I'll be letting you know when we have it working for a customer and then we can all take it for a ride.

Very excited here, this new way of doing the custom screens is a game-changer and is just the start for 2016. Remember, there's still a whole lot of really cool security, authentication and encryption stuff coming. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

2016 Road Map - Get Ready!

Happy Holidays everyone! Rob and family are in Malaysia until the end of the year on an island called Langkawi. I'd love to tell you that we're just basking in the sun over here, but the truth is that we are in a very quiet and secluded place here relaxing our minds and coding hard with our hands. We've got alot of stuff going on for 2016 and I wanted to clue you in on some of it so you know what to expect.

Your LDMax program is going to get some password policies. You're going to have to use stronger passwords (which the program will help you with) and you're going to be able to set an interval to change them on. 30, 60 or 90 days.

You're going to see more alerts and logging. especially with respect to locations.

The new iPhone app is nearing completion for LDMax. As it finishes, we will lock the server down to only allow encrypted connections. Right now the Android app is 100% encrypted but we leave the possibility for unencrypted connections to happen so that the existing iPhone app can communicate with it.

When both mobile apps are completed, we are going to add in some very nice bells and whistles. We well know that everything is going mobile and things are going to get really interesting on the mobile side of things.

The customizable job screens work good. We are doing heavy development for a customer. There's going to be a big change implemented over the next few days with it. We are going to make it possible to have customizable job screens for each Job Type. This is huge, here's why:

Back when I started process serving, all I did was process serving. There was plenty of work and other stuff was just a distraction. The industry is changing though and there is great opportunities for quick thinkers ready to pounce.

New opportunities are going to open up. These days, process servers aren't just process servers. You are finding opportunities to do courier work, tenant inspections, investigations, collateral inspections, field calls, Uber service, photocopying, mobile notary -- and the list goes on and will continue to get stuff added to it. In the near future, you may be delivering medical supplies, checking up on elderly relatives for people, delivering stuff for Amazon and other companies that might be popping up that need dynamic and creative logistics to happen.

An honest, computer-literate person on the street with mobile technology is gonna be able to find work and they're going to need something slick to back them up and handle it all.

Can you rig all these jobs into your current process serving software? Yep. It's like fitting a square peg in a round hole but you can do it for billing purposes and reporting. But... What if we had custom job screens for each job type? Then you  (or us) could just make a nice screen that fits that job type like a glove. Proper field names, a layout that fits what you are doing without any extra useless complexity that you don't need for that job type? Reports that all were tweaked with the job type info... This hasn't been so important in the past, but it's never been more important now. If you are going to be successful and dominate your competitors, then you have to think 10 years ahead, and so do we.

LDMax is going to change from process serving software to field agent software. And... if you don't want to notice, you won't. All your screens are going to stay the same unless you want to leverage this capability. We'll make some default customizable screens (we already have one for process serving that you are all using - we switched to this part already and made sure you didn't notice) for each job type and make sure you can see that they are customizable and we're going to make sure that you are very delighted and impressed in 2016.

Merry Christmas and if you're not believing in Christmas, we still hope you can get your holiday on one way or another! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Clients/Snapshot Report

Clients/Snapshot Report is here!

This is a very powerful report to be showing your clients or just pulling them yourself so you know what's going on in your  office.

It is under Reports->Statistics->Clients/Snapshot and this one will take your breath away.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Clients/Court Counties Report

This is available under Reports->Statistics.

This report works off the client, a date range and the county of the court. It will break out the work by court county so you can see where your work is at.

More reports like this coming, we will keep you posted.

There is also a Clients/Manners report in here that will let you see by client exactly how you are serving their work.

Get Ready...

We got ourselves a nice lab to set up over! We are going to be releasing some things that we have been doing R & D. You don't think I've just been hanging out at the beach all this time, do you?

We are also embedding some documentation into the program to make using it even easier and we are extending the customizable job screen framework  throughout the program so that most of the program will also be customizable. We want the program to be as easy to use as Facebook. This will enable us to make it fit some customers much closer than any software has been able to in the past.

Slowly, we are migrating everyone over to our new encrypted server. As we do this, we are also changing the table engine type to the InnoDB engine from MyISAM. This basically makes your programs even faster and more responsive. 4-day daily snapshots are retained automatically by Amazon RDS now. The InnoDB engine also allows us to start scripting mysqldump backups as well without locking the database as this being done. This.... Is NICE!

The new offline HTML5 mobile app for Android is maturing. If you are on LDMax, you should be giving this one a shot. We are also working the same type of app for iPhone. It's about halfway done. We are having difficulty with it because iPhone isn't supporting indexeddb and also is stripping out all of the EXIF information that we need for the GPS. We're working on it and we'll get a nice solution together on it. In the meantime, the droid one is humming along nice and seems to be working on most devices. Once we have iPhone and Android working perfectly and for a while, we will be adding in wild bells and whistles to those applications.

2016 is going to see some major innovations in the area of security. It's going to be a pain as you will be forced to use encrypted connections and forced to have strong passwords that change often but those are good bragging points for your clients and we will be having some wild things for you to brag about.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up... We have been doing regular updates and feature additions, but the pace of that is going to be increasing. :) Hit us with your input, we need your suggestions to make it best. If you've suggested something to us and we didn't put it in or give you a good reason why not... Maybe we lost track of it. Suggest it again.

Having the best software for process servers is hard. Continuing to have the best software for you is even harder. We need your help and we're here for you.

Do you have all of our contact information?

Pam is: Skype: pamelapatrimonio -- Email: pamelapatrimonio@gmail.com

Maria is: Skype: maria.diasnes01 -- Email: mariadiasnes@gmail.com

Jake is: Skype: fjamessevilla -- Email: fjamesramossevillaiii12345@gmail.com

Bindu is: Skype: bin.rose -- Email: roseinu@gmail.com

Rovilyn is: Skype: rovilynpelayo2015 -- Email:  rovilynpelayo@gmail.com

Rob is: Skype: loyalpuppy -- Email: loyalpuppy@gmail.com -- Phone: +639364240043



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Custom Job Screens Are Here!

Good Morning!

Thanks to some real arm twisting by Johnno Lazetich over at RenoCarson.com, we have added the ability to make custom job screens in the program. It was very hard to set up but Johnno has special needs and we do what we gotta do for our customers, man. This one took a long time to get right.

So.... There is a new default job screen if you don't have a custom job screen set up. It... Looks EXACTLY like the one you been using all along.

If we did it right, you shouldn't notice anything different on your job screen.

So.. Watch your job screens. If anything doesn't work right, let us know right away. We tested this, but nothing tests as good as real use.

Now, we can dial in things so that each customer can have their own custom job screen. We can move things around, take them out, add new things... you can even hire your OWN designer to design you a new job screen and we can just plug the data into it. They just need to use XSL transformation to make HTML. It's actually kinda easy now that we set up the feature.

We are going to make the other screens in the program customizable as well. In this way, everyone can have what they need their own way without interfering with the default setup of the program.


Looking forward to your input.


How did we do that?

Well, we took the data out of the code. The queries that you see for the job screen are ran first, before anything is rendered to you. Then, the program makes a BIG xml dataset out of it and then loads up the customized (or default) stylesheet and performs XSLT (XSL Transformation) against the XML dataset and pops you out an HTML page that is exactly to your specs.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Encryption Paradigm

Dear Loyaldoggies,

During the next week or so, you will be having an outage late at night as we move your databases to a new RDS instance. We have to do it manually, one database at a time.

Right now, most of you have your data separated from your application and running on a separate database server. This is a very good practice.

However, there are some new security standards coming in the industry. High volume clients want to know that your data is encrypted at rest, that the backups are encrypted and that the data is also encrypted in transit.

We like to use the AES-256 algorithm that is recommended by NSA Suite B for protection of information up to Top Secret.

After we have moved all of your databases, we will begin locking down the application servers to also only communicate via encrypted SSL and add some better logging to truly round out your security.

When we're done, you are going to have some serious bragging rights about your architecture and security policies.

2016 is going to be a big year for all things security-related. Some of it is going to be an inconvenience for you but as your software vendor, we have a responsibility to take the initiative on this.

If you are running your own server..... Please contact us about running on our servers instead. It is hard to configure this kind of encryption at all of these levels and your in-house people might not be familiar with it. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

We did it! We made our first video!

Hey All,

We made our first video! Really wanted to be at the NAPPS conference going on but I couldn't make it so we made this video instead! Check it out and put some faces to the names: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms4dOnHs828

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lose Windows and their licensing too! It's about time!

Most of you know me know that I have despised Windows for the longest time. I never liked is instability, its tendency towards getting a virus, the ease with which it is hacked and the expense of the programs that you have to get for it.

There was just no real alternative to it that was mature and easy enough to use for me to advise our customers to ditch it.

Until now.

The new Ubuntu at http://ubuntu.com is REAL nice. You can have your agency's workstations and servers on it and its free. Updates are free, everything is free.

Those of you with Quickbooks.... There are a few nice accounting programs for Linux but also... Quickbooks has a web version. :)

I urge you to give the new Ubuntu a try. I have switched my development computers to it and I gotta tell you, its really nice. I highly recommend checking it out for your agency. If you decide to take the plunge and need some extra advice, we can help you.



Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! - Now get back to work!

Happy holidays, now get back to work!

We are!- Got lots of nice hot stuff coming for LDMax in 2015. :)

Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming, they're making a huge difference!

Monday, December 8, 2014


Please update your programs to 7.0012, we have made a structural change to the database to accommodate California's POS-010 and FL-115 forms. If your program is operating a little funny, take this update and all will smooth out.

Get ready for the POS-010 and other CA forms!

Friday, December 5, 2014

LDMAX - The Best California Forms Anywhere!

We've been doing California forms for years. The only problem with them was that it was hard to make changes to them and they came up grainy because they were really blown up images of the judicial council forms with text dropped on them. At the time, that was the only way to render the exact Judicial Council form.

The images were large too so the program worked slow with them. When we first made LDMax, we left out the California options.

Now we are doing them an entirely different way and they are small and crystal clear -- and FAST!

You can even edit them again after they come up in case you need to polish it.

They are also easier for lay-people to customize and faster for us to work on them too if you need something different on them.

The program is now doing the POS-040 and the POS-020. The next one we should have integrated by Monday is the POS-010 and then we'll take on the other forms.

Looking for guinea-pigs on this, we need all the help we can get!

Let us know if you are in CA and want to help! These are the ACTUAL Judicial Council forms and they're not going to get kicked out of anywhere.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

LDMAX - Splatter Completions (and all kinds of other actions)

Want to splatter the same completion info to a bunch of jobs - like if you served 100 corporate or insurance defense subpoenas on the same person at the same place?

Batch Ops-->Batch Completion

Barcode-Scan the worksheets or just enter in the job numbers

Then, highlight those job numbers and Copy them. You can use them again for other batch ops..

Then hit the Submit button and enter in the completion information... It will splatter to all those jobs in one shot!

Batch Ops->Print Affidavits (paste in those job numbers you copied) will print out all the affidavits.

Then just Batch Ops->Add charges (paste in those job numbers you copied) on the same jobs and Billing->Test Invoice/Real Invoice to Batch Bill Them.

You can do 100 jobs this way in about 2 minutes, it's so fast and easy. There are ALOT of wild, splatter batch options under Batch Ops.. Check them out and let us know how they work for you!

Monday, November 24, 2014

LDMAX Printing Address and Barcode Labels!

LDMax is now printing address labels on the job screen by hitting the Label button and a label with a Code39 barcode by hitting the B button.

We are adding these options now throughout the program so you can also do them in batches. Need them on a certain screen? Just let us know.

Help us make this HOT, send in your suggestions!

You should be using Firefox browser and have a Dymo Labelwriter printer.

We've tested it on the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo - but it should work with all of the LabelWriter series.

Any probs, hit us up, we can remote in there and set you up.



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whatcha Gonna Do With That Big Fat Butt (or hard drive)? (wigglewigglewiggle)

Scan everything!

It's easy now. You can stick an affidavit or a summons in a scanner with a barcode or twain-capture it real fast with the touch of a button its attached to the job it belongs to.

If your server quits or loses the documents, you don't have to go to your client and look bad or pay a bunch of $$$ at the courthouse, you could just reprint it. Some high volume clients want you to scan the file-stamped summons and complaint and have your software automatically FTP it over to them - or other fancy stuff that we're happy to set up for you.

For me, getting a customer set up for this involves the following steps:

1) We advise Amazon S3 (http://aws.amazon.com/s3/) for document archiving. Every 20 mins, your program sends a bunch of your freshly scanned documents to s3 and deletes them from your server - but retaining the pointer information to S3. Why would you want this?
    a: S3 handles all the redundancy and distributes them over a lot of machines. You don't have to back them up.
    b: Since the pointer information is retained, when your clients (or you) want to see those documents, they are fetched from Amazon's high speed servers and using their high speed bandwidth. It's very fast and it doesn't slow your web site down any.
    c: LoyalDog deletes the document from your server (or ours) after a successful upload to S3. This saves ALOT of space.
    d: Its cheap. Like 10 cents per gigabyte per month.

2) Customer says they'll handle it themselves and have their computer guy do the backups. Hey we're not trying to sell you anything, Amazon doesn't give us one red cent if you sign up with them!

3) First disaster or network saturation involving 50+gigabyte backup and restoring it changes customer's mind. Consider the points below:
    a: The external hard drive you think you're going to do your backups to really isn't that reliable.
    b: If you want to backup a whole lot of documents remotely, you will saturate your internet. If that backup is to another machine in your office, you will saturate your own network.
    c: RAID controllers fail too.
    d: It takes a LONG LONG time to restore a 50+gig database! Things can go wrong during that time too and you might have to start all over again a few times.

4) Customer finally takes our advice and moves to S3 storage for their documents.

Once you start scanning everything and dealing with photos and/or video, it is mind-blowing how fast your hard drives want to fill up! Make sure you have a good plan for how you will handle all that data and how you might handle a disaster.

Get a few opinions from other computer guys. As a general rule, Programmers Are Flakes. That means that the guy who knows how your stuff works and how to take care of it just might go off to Australia one day and pursue a career in cooking!

Make sure your people are committed to you and consider S3 for your document storage needs. LoyalDog transparently integrates with it and its easy to set up.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

GPS is bullshit. Tell your clients so they know.

Today the big trend in process serving is for everyone to be taking photos and doing GPS to supposedly offer "evidence" that the process server was actually at the place they said they were.

Process serving agencies are buzzing around with their GPS apps and feasibility analysis and talking about "proof" and "verification". Some judges are even liking to see this in the courtroom.

I'm pretty up to date on the technology. I wrote one of those apps. In fact, I wrote the app that has market share in New York where all this started.

I wrote it because people wanted it. The truth is that there is no way to verify any of this crap.

To defeat ANY of the apps out there, all you have to do is Google "GPS SPOOFER". You can get one for your iPhone or for your Androids and you can make it think you are anywhere at any time.

Even my app which watermarks the photo on the phone itself is easily fooled by the spoofers.

Go back to trusting your process servers. There are many good ones and a few bad ones just like anything else. It helps a lot to analyse the data, but GPS and photos (which could have been taken by anyone at any time) really shouldn't be held up as "evidence" or "proof".

If you ever called me into a courtroom to attack this "proof", opposing counsel would be laughed out of the courthouse.

Try the spoofers yourself and educate the judges in your area before they educate themselves and wonder why attorneys are introducing crap like that as evidence.

Don't let your competitors rope in your clients with marketing bullshit.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

New NY Court Rules!

Happy Weekend everyone!

New York, in its glorious analness, has decided to make some changes that go into effect on 10/1.

208.6-h for Civil Courts in NYC area. 202-27-b, 210.14-b and 212.14-b for all other areas.

If you are dealing with a consumer credit transaction case, you have to send out a special mailing with your proof of service. One set is for civil courts inside the five-borough area and the other set is for other courts.

For some of our customers who deal alot with this type of work, we have just had the program know if its a five-boro court and print the letter if needed based on certain clients.

With this new law change, though... That little band-aid solution isn't going to work anymore. Now, the program REALLY needs to know what kind of CASE you are working on. So.. There's been a big update do LDMAX and LDWin5...

If you are using LDMAX, you are already using the latest version. If you are using LDWin5, make sure your Binary and PHP are both at 4.0638. Any probs updating, hit us up on Skype and we'll make sure you get updated first.

So.. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a case type in there for: Consumer Credit Transaction

Just like that, Capitals on the first letters: Consumer Credit Transaction

You might as well make a regular case type for cases that are not Consumer Credit Transaction too. Call it Lawsuit or something. You will do this from Configure->Case Types.

Second thing you need to do is tell the program which of your cases are consumer credit transactions.

You will do this with Splatter Fields.

First you will select the jobs to do this on. You can do this in a few ways. You can hit Batch Ops->Actions On Stack and put in the job numbers separated by a semicolon (778;779;800;801) -- your barcode guns can do this also if they are set to add a semicolon after anything they scan. Once you pull up the result screen just select all and then With Selected: Splatter Fields.

Another way is to just search them out any way you can Reports->All Open Jobs - Advanced Search/Client -- however you do it, just get up a result set and then Select the jobs and With Selected--->Splatter Fields.

Once you get Splatter Fields up, you just check the box next to Case Type and select the CaseType you will be splattering them to like Consumer Credit Transaction and then hit the button at the bottom and make it happen. If you are in ldwin5, make sure you CLOSE the results screen behind the Splatter Fields screen after the Splatter Fields screen disappears and then you're in business.

That is how you bring your existing cases into line.

When you do a batch import, you will need to pull up the jobs again via Advanced search (all jobs received today for xxxx client) and set all of the cases to Consumer Credit Transaction as listed above. We are changing the import screens to allow you to enter in the case type at the time of import, but until they're all done, you can pull them up in search and Select All and Splatter Fields to the correct case type.

If you are a NY customer of ours, CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY! Different agencies are interpreting this new law differently so we need put your Manners/Affidavits in line with how YOU are interpreting the law. I don't want you to get stuck with what I think you need.

Never could get two process servers to agree on anything... That's like getting two lawyers to agree on the law. They may be interpreting this differently too, so DO hit us up so we can get you happy.

Don't worry, LD is as crazy as you are and can accommodate you just fine. ESPECIALLY in New York!

Don't think we forgot you, California....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Smoking HOT California Forms Coming To LDMax!!!

Yeh I hear ya out there, we been doing the actual judicial council forms for years. In fact, we're the ONLY ones doing the ACTUAL judicial council form! --But the WAY we've been doing it with dropping the text on an actual image of the proof left us with an EXACT copy, but.... a little grainy -- and the images were large and loaded slow.

The real reason I moved LDMax over to the high speed server is for the faster barcode recognition and to leverage this new tool that lets us make the CA forms in crystal clear detail. -- and MUCH easier. The old way was very very hard to do and made for a whole lot of work if there was a change in the forms.

Look out, this one's less than a week away and it'll make the CA forms easy as pie to work on and just as clear as they are on the Judicial Council's website!

You're not going to believe how good the CA forms are gonna be popping in this program.

Very stoked about this, this one has been a long time coming and we can leverage this technology to do other hard forms too.