Sunday, October 11, 2020

Review Attachments Before Auto-Emails Go Out

Good Morning,

We have had a situation in the program where scanned affidavits coming back to you from the hub on a job(s) you forwarded would be auto-emailed to the client as soon as you accepted them.

This is bad, so we added an extra layer to the program where you HAVE to REVIEW ATTACHMENTS in order for that Auto-Scan email to go out.

This sounds cumbersome but.... Anything you scan with LoyalScan or attach from the case screen is already deemed REVIEWED so it really won't interfere with your current work flow too much.

The only ones you really will be needing to review are ones that your process servers attached from the process server interface, the ones your clients may have attached from the client interface and the ones that come to you from the hub.

Now we finally have a way to catch them and let you put your eyes on them before people get emailed about them.

Thanks to John Miller at for articulating this one.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Email Clients On Each Attempt

 This feature has been added to client and company profile. When checked it will use a default email or gorgeous Configure->Emails->Auto Status Item Email that you can configure with HTML.

Soon as you approve a status item, an email goes out within 5 minutes, check it out.

Those custom emails can be configures NICE! Ask me for some samples on that and people will wonder wtf kind of software you use to put out emails like that.


Monday, August 17, 2020

Batch E-Filing Going On With LDMax

Today a batch of 7 was processed in just one click.

Tomorrow a larger batch is going through, this is a very seamless and fast process and we will be automating it fully after another week of testing, then it won't need any clicks and will just provide reports.

BIG thanks to, if you want this integration in your LDMax, just hit them up or hit me up, its easy to turn this on and it adapts right into your work flow.

Thanks also to Josh Miller at The Chase Agency in NY for being a guinea-pig. 

Didn't I tell you that when it was possible for a process serving software program to E-File in NY that we would pounce on it and make it happen? EFileMadeEasy files in alot of states, though. Not just NY.

Is your software provider working tirelessly to keep you on the bleeding edge of technology and integrating you with other software programs like PST, PaperTracker, high volume law firms, Lawgix, proprietary-software agencies like Guaranteed Subpoena and Provest, third-party data exchangers like Serve-X, NetDirector and the courts? We even have a client we suck 700+ summons' out of a pdf and turn them into jobs with document attachments. If it needs to happen, we find a way.

It takes alot of passion and commitment to work at this level consistently and LDMax has been the go-to program for high volume agencies and botique shops that need to run and look better than their competitors and have an edge. For 20+ years we have been leading in high volume foreclosures and collections and landlord/tenant niches. Even attorneys use our software to generate their forms too because it's fully customizable.

If you're tired of feeling like you don't matter and your requests for features don't matter to the guy on the other end of the phone, consider switching to LDMax. Now's a good time.

We can even help you with telemarketers and data entry, none of our competitors is doing that for their customers. 

It feels nice to have your software provider committed to the success of your business. Just ask our customers. References available and they're from real agencies that push real volume and run real operations.


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

LDMax is E-Filing in NY!

 First one went through yesterday, now we are making the process sexy and then it will be more automated.

Special thanks to Dario and Brett at, we are able to integrate E-Filing into your workflow with their system and make it seamless for you. Don't spend hours messing around on the court sites, get involved with the e-filing and save your time!

One click and that's it, you have to see it to believe it but don't take my word for it, ask Josh Miller over at The Chase Agency in NY how it works, I can't make this up. charges a small fee based on your volume. I don't get any revenue sharing or kickbacks, I just did it for the good of the industry because now that I'm doing it, the other posers'll line up to keep up with the Jones' and do it in their programs too and we will all benefit.

Right now we are doing Affidavits of Service, new case filings are next.


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Smoking Hot GA Magistrate Forms!

Check out these nice new GA magistrate court forms we dropped in for Dispossessory serves and Garnishments.

Complete with our customer's logo, these forms make him stand out from his competition and look a cut above the rest. We also did a full set of custom emails complete with his logo and nice HTML format.

All day long, the full-time telemarketer he hired from LDMax is also calling law firms in his surrounding area pushing his business into local law firms and growing his client base.

Are you delighted with your software? Are you getting high, fast, responsive customer service?

Is your software provider going the extra mile for you and helping you look better than your competition and pushing your name in front of potential clients?

Maybe it's time to consider switching to someone who will. Your business matters to us and we do anything we can to give you an edge.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

How Can I grow my business and get new clients?

I wrote a coupla articles and Facebook posts before about hiring telemarketers to increase your business by calling the attorneys in your areas. We have a nice script for this that works good. Some of you I have contacted on Skype and seemed skeptical about it. This is because:

1) Your competition isn't doing it.

2) You haven't read anywhere about this way of marketing for process servers.

3) Maybe you think I'm full of shit.

4) The people in the past that we did this for didn't want me telling anyone who they were so I could't brag about it like I'm doing right now.

For those of you reading this who wonder how I am qualified to write this article, I am Robert Dayton and I supply process serving software to high volume process serving agencies and to process serving agencies that want to become high volume process serving agencies. It's a small niche, boiling down to 2 things:

a. Being able to get high volume accounts

b. Being able to handle high volume work

For 20 years, this niche is my specialty. In this small circle I am well known by both the law firms and the process servers that do this work. That's because these firms need the following things:

1) Fast Turnaround

2) Import and Export of Data and Documents in All Formats/Ways.

3) FAST Implementation of Protocols/Changes

4) Volume Rates - To do this, you need to be extremely efficient. LDMax specializes in this.

To do these things right, you need a software that helps you perform in a way that your competition can't and see things before they happen so that you can slam them before they become problems. Then, you need to walk into a high volume firm, pull up your program and show them how you handle their stuff better than the next guy and they need to be impressed with what they see. I call that a Light Show and if you can put on a good light show, you will often get the client.

Now, after over 20 years in this business and having some of the best and brightest agencies in the country as my clients, I'm going to tell you the most important qualities you need to become a larger agency and this will dovetail into why you want to hire a telemarketer. Preferably from us, but... If not from us then from someone and fast.

1) You absolutely need LDMax software. All the programs are ok, but none ties speed, simplicity and volume together. Also, with LDMax comes the customer service. I don't do things like my competitors do. When a high volume firm sends you the specs for a data exchange on Friday, I'm the only guy that makes sure you have it on Monday morning. Most high volume formats are already in the program, sometimes it's as easy as flipping a switch. LDMax sees and does things in volume. Some of the other programs are really nice if you're a one-man-show in his car but if you really want to run a real business and deal with data entry and whimsical, fickle high volume firms, you need a program that specializes in this and a guy that "gets it".

2) You need to NOT copy your competition. You stand out by doing things that your competition doesn't do. Just copying them and shaving the price down isn't enough. A copy is never as good as the original. Be the original.

3) You need to be creative enough to come up with new things you can do for these law firms. Maybe you can e-file for them as part of your service.  Maybe you can print the service documents. Maybe you can offer to ask for updated information from the person you're serving like a phone number (if allowed by your laws in your area). Photos are pretty much standard. Maybe the laws in your state allow voice recordings too? I have clients doing this, I'm not just making this stuff up.

Now.. for the marketing side, you need to hire a telemarketer for precisely these above reasons. Your competitors aren't doing it.
They're sending out flyers and using SEO and directories like serve-now and getting a trickle of pro-se one-offs. You want a strong base of local clients that will keep sending you work again and again.

3 weeks ago a perfect storm came into fruition in Atlanta. Last year, ABC bought out a long-time customer of mine there and laid their thing down. This isn't the first time ABC came into an area and it won't be the last. ABC comes in with the best light show. They can give a presentation better than you or any other agency can. But ABC has some flaws too. I don't want to slander them here but... I can tell you that after awhile, some firms want the kind of personal service that only a local agency with a dog in the fight can give them. That "while" has passed. It's an especially good time in Atlanta to be telemarketing and offering personal service.

As the covid-19 lockdown eases, there's never been a better time to pick up the phone in Atlanta and call every attorney in the book and introduce yourself, find out who is responsible for handling process serving, shoot for an appointment and fail down to sending them a rate sheet which is good opportunity for follow up later. That's what our telemarketers do. There are some other excellent areas in the country where large agencies dropped the ball and all you have to do is pick it up. just hired a telemarketer for that.

In 3 weeks he has planted alot of seeds and gained some clients.

Every day he ends up with one or more law firms that want him to call or come by and tell them more about his services. This isn't a saturated online directory, these are local law firms that will have recurring work as long as he keeps them happy.

This is happening because he is doing something his competition doesn't do.

And we provide a service our competition does not - like these telemarketers and data entry staff. Usually, the telemarketer can also do data entry and telemarket in off-time. These are experienced telemarketers that specialize in selling people in the USA and UK stuff. They know how to handle themselves on a call and get the information you need.

It's hard to explain all of the intangibles that come along with LDMax. Like the difference between art and porn, you know it when you see it.

Our mission and our purpose is to enable and empower you in ways that the other software providers don't.

Don't take my word for it, call him yourself and ask him:

Haile Kahssu
4514 Chamblee
Dunwoody Rd #231
Atlanta, GA 30338

Got something you want served in the Atlanta area?

Send it his way, he'll serve it like you are his only client because that's what it really takes to make it in this game.

Review Attachments Before Auto-Emails Go Out

Good Morning, We have had a situation in the program where scanned affidavits coming back to you from the hub on a job(s) you forwarded woul...