Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Smoking Hot GA Magistrate Forms!

Check out these nice new GA magistrate court forms we dropped in for Dispossessory serves and Garnishments.

Complete with our customer's logo, these forms make him stand out from his competition and look a cut above the rest. We also did a full set of custom emails complete with his logo and nice HTML format.

All day long, the full-time telemarketer he hired from LDMax is also calling law firms in his surrounding area pushing his business into local law firms and growing his client base.

Are you delighted with your software? Are you getting high, fast, responsive customer service?

Is your software provider going the extra mile for you and helping you look better than your competition and pushing your name in front of potential clients?

Maybe it's time to consider switching to someone who will. Your business matters to us and we do anything we can to give you an edge.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

How Can I grow my business and get new clients?

I wrote a coupla articles and Facebook posts before about hiring telemarketers to increase your business by calling the attorneys in your areas. We have a nice script for this that works good. Some of you I have contacted on Skype and seemed skeptical about it. This is because:

1) Your competition isn't doing it.

2) You haven't read anywhere about this way of marketing for process servers.

3) Maybe you think I'm full of shit.

4) The people in the past that we did this for didn't want me telling anyone who they were so I could't brag about it like I'm doing right now.

For those of you reading this who wonder how I am qualified to write this article, I am Robert Dayton and I supply process serving software to high volume process serving agencies and to process serving agencies that want to become high volume process serving agencies. It's a small niche, boiling down to 2 things:

a. Being able to get high volume accounts

b. Being able to handle high volume work

For 20 years, this niche is my specialty. In this small circle I am well known by both the law firms and the process servers that do this work. That's because these firms need the following things:

1) Fast Turnaround

2) Import and Export of Data and Documents in All Formats/Ways.

3) FAST Implementation of Protocols/Changes

4) Volume Rates - To do this, you need to be extremely efficient. LDMax specializes in this.

To do these things right, you need a software that helps you perform in a way that your competition can't and see things before they happen so that you can slam them before they become problems. Then, you need to walk into a high volume firm, pull up your program and show them how you handle their stuff better than the next guy and they need to be impressed with what they see. I call that a Light Show and if you can put on a good light show, you will often get the client.

Now, after over 20 years in this business and having some of the best and brightest agencies in the country as my clients, I'm going to tell you the most important qualities you need to become a larger agency and this will dovetail into why you want to hire a telemarketer. Preferably from us, but... If not from us then from someone and fast.

1) You absolutely need LDMax software. All the programs are ok, but none ties speed, simplicity and volume together. Also, with LDMax comes the customer service. I don't do things like my competitors do. When a high volume firm sends you the specs for a data exchange on Friday, I'm the only guy that makes sure you have it on Monday morning. Most high volume formats are already in the program, sometimes it's as easy as flipping a switch. LDMax sees and does things in volume. Some of the other programs are really nice if you're a one-man-show in his car but if you really want to run a real business and deal with data entry and whimsical, fickle high volume firms, you need a program that specializes in this and a guy that "gets it".

2) You need to NOT copy your competition. You stand out by doing things that your competition doesn't do. Just copying them and shaving the price down isn't enough. A copy is never as good as the original. Be the original.

3) You need to be creative enough to come up with new things you can do for these law firms. Maybe you can e-file for them as part of your service.  Maybe you can print the service documents. Maybe you can offer to ask for updated information from the person you're serving like a phone number (if allowed by your laws in your area). Photos are pretty much standard. Maybe the laws in your state allow voice recordings too? I have clients doing this, I'm not just making this stuff up.

Now.. for the marketing side, you need to hire a telemarketer for precisely these above reasons. Your competitors aren't doing it.
They're sending out flyers and using SEO and directories like serve-now and getting a trickle of pro-se one-offs. You want a strong base of local clients that will keep sending you work again and again.

3 weeks ago a perfect storm came into fruition in Atlanta. Last year, ABC bought out a long-time customer of mine there and laid their thing down. This isn't the first time ABC came into an area and it won't be the last. ABC comes in with the best light show. They can give a presentation better than you or any other agency can. But ABC has some flaws too. I don't want to slander them here but... I can tell you that after awhile, some firms want the kind of personal service that only a local agency with a dog in the fight can give them. That "while" has passed. It's an especially good time in Atlanta to be telemarketing and offering personal service.

As the covid-19 lockdown eases, there's never been a better time to pick up the phone in Atlanta and call every attorney in the book and introduce yourself, find out who is responsible for handling process serving, shoot for an appointment and fail down to sending them a rate sheet which is good opportunity for follow up later. That's what our telemarketers do. There are some other excellent areas in the country where large agencies dropped the ball and all you have to do is pick it up.

SprintProcess.com just hired a telemarketer for that.

In 3 weeks he has planted alot of seeds and gained some clients.

Every day he ends up with one or more law firms that want him to call or come by and tell them more about his services. This isn't a saturated online directory, these are local law firms that will have recurring work as long as he keeps them happy.

This is happening because he is doing something his competition doesn't do.

And we provide a service our competition does not - like these telemarketers and data entry staff. Usually, the telemarketer can also do data entry and telemarket in off-time. These are experienced telemarketers that specialize in selling people in the USA and UK stuff. They know how to handle themselves on a call and get the information you need.

It's hard to explain all of the intangibles that come along with LDMax. Like the difference between art and porn, you know it when you see it.

Our mission and our purpose is to enable and empower you in ways that the other software providers don't.

Don't take my word for it, call him yourself and ask him:

Haile Kahssu
4514 Chamblee
Dunwoody Rd #231
Atlanta, GA 30338

Got something you want served in the Atlanta area?

Send it his way, he'll serve it like you are his only client because that's what it really takes to make it in this game.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Here we go....

Hey its good to see some parts of America getting their courts open and getting back to some process serving.

I don't believe some of the crazy covid-stuff some of you have to be doing but its best to stay as safe as you can. Each door you knock on is an opportunity to be infected.

Hopefully we'll get that vaccine soon and that'll be the end of this thing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Amazon S3 Version 4 Signatures

Good Morning,

An evil scourge has risen its head, its called Amazon S3 Version 4 Signatures.

We've been using version 2 for years and if you have buckets in us-east-1 region, there's no problem with that but today we got a customer went with us-east-2 region in Ohio and that region dropped support of version 2 signatures.

That set off a cascading mess here that I THINK we have resolved by completely upgrading everything to version 4 signatures.

Keep an eye out for any S3 that's not working right. All tested well here, but its always possible we could have missed something somewhere?

We hope you and your families are hanging in there and pulling close through the Covid-19 crisis.

Right now I'd give anything for a trip to the mall.


Sunday, April 12, 2020

2 Read-Replicas Added!

Good Morning! Very technical update follows, unless you're a geek like me, just skip this one.

The Covid-slowdown has really given us some time to do some major updates to the infrastructure. We now have 2 real-time replicas running and we are using them for backups and for heavy reads. Every time your program has to make the pie charts you are used to seeing, it has to load down the database to get it so now it loads down a read replica for a few seconds and you never get any pauses in your system because you are working off of the master.

I experimented with this a long time ago with an extreme volume customer who was doing 30k jobs/month, but back then (like 15 years ago), replicas broke easy and every few days I had to make sure all was going well on them. It worked, but I had to massage it a bit now and then. You'da thought with that kind of volume they would have a geek in their office I could train on that stuff but Dayton tends to spoil his customers... what ya gonna do? Not everyone listens to Dayton, he was doing that volume for Provest back in the day and Provest sent their computer geeks over to his office to see how the hell he was so efficient and then decided to open their own office down the road from him. Wanna cry? Watch your friend go from 30k jobs/month to 200 jobs/month. But.. That experience made the program go really really fast and some of the tracking and exception reports in the program came from having that kind of volume and needing to track and process it all efficiently.

Same also for the Sphinx indexes, as they build they can slow down your database but now that they are building off of a read replica, there is no impact to you anymore. You wouldnt have noticed that impact anyway, I built them on the weekends to re-compress them and the program keeps them current throughout your workday its kind of neat the way it works. We will be looking also to shift some searching on the client interfaces over to Sphinx/the replica also so that your application keeps blazing along consistently while all of these things are going on. Things are really performing at a very high level now. The program is always snappy, the trick is keeping it snappy with extreme volume.

Having separate read and write addresses now allows us to actually set up many read-replicas if we like and to load-balance them with round-robin DNS and STILL have yet another replica for those indexes and pie charts. There's no need yet, right now our largest customer is pushing over 10k jobs/month but due to the collapse of EZ Messenger in Phoneix, we are seeing a coupla other customers starting to get slammed with volume. Volume is good.

They're already big agencies in their own right and have their own servers, we just forsee them opening other offices and getting some extreme volume so setting up for that kind of scale is a win-win for everyone. Finally, we have that ability to scale things horizontally. That's huge and it positions us to ultimately adapt all of the searching to Sphinx. It will be huge when we can do that because Sphinx can build indexes from multiple sources so I can see your operational data in one place and once a client has paid an invoice, I can see it moved to another datastore, either another database instance or a JSON document store like Couchbase. Splitting the OLTP (operational) data from the OLAP (old stuff you still want around but use for reporting/analytics or pulling up really old jobs) gives a hybrid design that gives you the best of both worlds. I guess we'll be the first hermaphrodite program available for process servers. :)

There is a great power in getting many machines to work together in parallel rather than getting one big expensive one.

Always finding new ways. :) Hope you had a good Easter, I know many of you are also cleaning up your old stuff while this lockdown is going on, hang in there, USA isn't gonna shut down forever and when the floodgates re-open, its gonna be big.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Updates Coming!

Hope everyone's doing ok with the slowdown.

We're using the time here to make some wild infrastructure changes and adding to our already paranoid disaster recovery redundancy.

We are shifting away from Amazon AWS (although the program runs fine on it) to DigitalOcean because DigitalOcean absolutely murders Amazon on customer service. We will still keep some components on AWS, but we're shifting away from 4 days of RDS snapshots (and RDS) in Amazon to 1-2 days block-level snapshots with DigitalOcean, a full remote real-time replica with a week of backups off-site.

The S3 is going to get less expensive for you too as you will be getting the option to use DigitalOcean's version of s3 which is 2 cents per gig per month instead of Amazon's 10 cents per gig per month. You can still use Amazon S3, but DigitalOcean is less expensive and we've had servers with them for 2+ years now and they have proven to be reliable.

There is a faster cloud called UpCloud, but I'm going to place the greater value on DigitalOcean's customer service. We'll experiment with UpCloud for some non-critical indexing, but I'm really liking DigitalOcean's service.

The Covid-19 is really spreading around now. My ex-gf has recovered from it and I know it has hit especially close to home for some of you. I hope this runs through us fast and we get back to normal.

We're here for you.


Smoking Hot GA Magistrate Forms!

Check out these nice new GA magistrate court forms we dropped in for Dispossessory serves and Garni...