Thursday, February 18, 2021

Training Video New Mobile App

Looks like we gonna be getting some videos in for the new mobile app. That's what happens when ya team up with people. 

Videos and documentation aren't my strong point. Functionality and speed are.

Fortunately, Jason and his wife kill it on design and presentation, check out this nice video tells you all about the app.

When using it in LDMax and if you are NOT a NYDCA Licensed server, check the UseSSL box and check the Post Direct box when setting it up. Then it goes around and deals directly with your program.

Also, in the upper right hand corner of the home screen are the version numbers. Click on them every day so it gives you the latest updates. This app can replace our native apps for iphone and android and is getting some more hot features. As it is now, it is simple, stable and lightning-fast. 

This app uses a unified API and will work with any other software company if they put the hooks in for it.

What's that? The video has ProcessMaster in it? Oh no! In case you have a life and have been busy running your business and haven't been paying attention to my drama, processmaster and ldmax put this app together to work with BOTH of our programs as well as provide a better third party to NYDCA licensed servers. We left hooks in it to work with all of the other software programs too if they want it to, then you don't have to keep switching to different apps for different agencies every time you have a serve.

This app is free for you to use to post directly into your software programs like our other apps do. If you need to avail of the third party service and the features that come with that, then there is a fee, check out for more info.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

It's a WRAP! Check out the new MOBILE APP!

 Well, at long last here we are with a new mobile app!

This is a new kind of app called a PWA and it works in Android with Google Chrome browser and iOS with Safari.

To install it, go to from Crome in your Android or Safari in your iPhone. You will be needing iOS 14 or better.

Then, once you are at the page for registering, hit the browser menu and click Install To Home Screen. Then it adds the app there like a native app - and it works like a native app too, only faster.

To use it direct with LDMax, check the UseSSL box and check the PostDirect box if you don't need an account with a NY DCA compliant third-party and the app will post directly to your program no prob. Thats right it's free if you don't need a NY DCA third-party provider. 

We'll have some video tutorials available soon at which has now officially launched and is open for business.

What's It is a new NY DCA Complaint Third Party. The main one in NYC now actually has some serious customer service issues that got so bad it became a detriment to the public. I started hearing stories about DCA getting pissed off, subpoenas being ignored, process servers having to hire attorneys just to get their reports and really, I had enough. When I wrote that initially, it was for the good of the industry. It wasnt expensive, it didn't charge for reports and the customer service was fantastic. We're going back 10 years. Now, it sucks and the owner dont like to talk to nobody and I'm sorry I ever sold it. 

It was determined by DCA that the public in NYC area needed third parties to ensure the public stopped being damaged by the sewer service that was going on. So, when the third party service that everyone has to use in NYC area gives bad service, doesn't keep their stuff updated for months and doesn't call you back and you have to chase your reports down with lawyers, that becomes a detriment to the public. You know I tell it like it is. That thing got ran down and its slow too.

In that spirit, I teamed up with Jason Tallman at ProcessMaster and we pooled our skills and made Now we have a unified app that not only works with both of our programs directly, it also hooks into which is a truly awesome third party and promises the best stellar responsive customer service, flat pricing, no charge for reports, better technology and... you wouldn't believe the features coming down the road. Turns out Jason and I work crazy well together. I like simplicity and speed, he likes the user experience and design. It's hard to go wrong when you combine those things. Reminds me of Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. Take a guess which one of us is Jack Klugman. :)

There are other scourges of the industry that we will be taking on.

The better you do, the better we do. All of us have the same interests at heart and the same goals here and what you are seeing here is the two main rivals in NY coming together for the love of the industry and taking action, raising the bar, protecting the industry that feeds us all and protecting our customers.

The app will also easily work with other programs too like PST, TriStar, etc.. all they have to do is open their programs up to it and consume the API we will be posting shortly. If one of your servers works for a company that has proprietary software like United, PM Legal, Gotham, etc... Ask them to hit us up, I wrote their initial tie-ins with the other third party and I can tie them into DCACompliant in minutes at very very little charge. It's just an IP address change to their code. The new API is identical to my original API.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Happy New Year! Get ready for some Fireworks!

Happy New Year!!! 2020 sucked so bad!

Happy New Year from all of us here at LD!

Thank you for being in our lives and being a part of our family!

Starting the first week of January, you are going to see some things that have never been done before in our industry.

There's a whole lotta blog posts and incredible things coming up, we have a roadmap for 2021 and this is the year you see some wild new things happening.


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Process Servers Are Being Lied To Every Day, This Is The Latest

I don't like giving these people any extra publicity but I just had to call this one out because they put out an advertisement here that absolutely lies to the industry and their customers. They should be ashamed of themselves but they have thick faces and can lie to your face with ease.

Look at this "The Other Guys" column.

The only truth in it is that I don't know anyone doing the "Digital Process Service" - that's because its really bullshit. If you have to email a serve due to covid, you just make an affidavit for that. I haven't seen or heard of this type of service in any statutes and when you start deviating from the law and making up your own rules, you can be exposing yourself.

All of the other process serving software programs not only do the other things on this list, they do them better and have alot of things that servemanager won't and can't offer a process server.

How about full backups of your data and documents? Real fully customizable forms down to the dot? Access to your data that you could query with Access, Excel, Crystal Reports and SSRS? Built-in E-filing? Custom UI? Custom client and server interfaces? Open-source customizable mobile app? Brandable?  High volume imports and exports with law firms/collection agencies? Fire-and forget high volume scanning? Programmable rules based on events (workflows)? Didn't think so.

All of us software vendors compete with each other, I've seen people bend the truth their way sometimes but this is the first time in 20+ years that I've ever seen a series of outright lies put out there to defraud and mislead smaller and newer process servers/agencies that might not know any better.

Man, when your software people lie to you like this, run. I don't care who you use, get the hell away from people like this. None of "The Other Guys" would ever lie to you like this.


Sunday, December 6, 2020

Happy Holidays Some Updates Are Here

 Hard work paid off today, there have been 3 significant developments in the program:

1) We DID automate the e-filing. Scan in that signed affidavit that needs to be e-filed and the system does the rest automatically. You can view fails/rejections and deal with them, otherwise all is automatic and smooth and very very fast. Some other companies are doing e-filing, they're not doing it like this.

2) We are now able to migrate agencies over from servemanager. We get everything. Out with the old and in with the new, if you're hitting your pain-point where you can't run your kind of volume without adding in more labor and there's too many steps and workarounds to do things that it should have been designed for anyway, you can say the word and it's a wrap. Tell your friends because if you're reading this blog, you probably don't have servemanager anyway.

This also has me eyeballing a data link with servemanagaer. Their API makes that possible. The problem is, you would have to get an account with them and your LDMax could send jobs to their users and receive updates to that account and then just keep polling it for new stuff. If I ever get any free time, I'll work that, it may expose you to alot of process servers who are one-man-shows playing super-server in their car with printer and mobile app, etc... That was me for a long time and if your program can send and receive work and photos, status updates and documents from those kind of people that already know how to read, type, get online, have a drivers license and a car and use a mobile app, that's really good for your business. Holla if you want to get on the list for guinea-pigs for this.

3) We are within just a coupla weeks of new mobile apps that will take your breath away with their speed. These are offline web apps that are going to set a new standard. They have an open API and we are able to use them to read from and post into other programs. Being HTML5 apps, its easy for other companies to get the source code for them and adapt them to their businesses as well. It also removes any questions about how the GPS data is obtained. I set the standard over 20 years ago with the first internet-based process server software program and shortly after, the first mobile apps for process servers, the first client interfaces that your clients can log into and I wrote the first third-party that is the de-facto standard for third parties in NY which is the only place that mandates GPS third parties right now. Actually, I did some other firsts too that are too technical to brag about so.... When I tell you that this little mobile app is going to evolve into the next standard for process server mobile apps, I'm speaking from a very insightful position. While nowhere near as flashy as civilmap or ABC's apps (yet), you can't get your hands on the code for those apps and see how it works and their apps wont post to other programs. You're locked-in. With this app you can just hit View Source in your browser. Put in an IP address in the credentials and it will post directly to it whether its LDMax or not. I can't make other vendors let you post into their systems with it but the capability is there. Judge/opposing counsel asking questions about how it captured xxxx information? They can View Source and let one of their own experts explain it. HTML5 has come a very long way.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Review Attachments Before Auto-Emails Go Out

Good Morning,

We have had a situation in the program where scanned affidavits coming back to you from the hub on a job(s) you forwarded would be auto-emailed to the client as soon as you accepted them.

This is bad, so we added an extra layer to the program where you HAVE to REVIEW ATTACHMENTS in order for that Auto-Scan email to go out.

This sounds cumbersome but.... Anything you scan with LoyalScan or attach from the case screen is already deemed REVIEWED so it really won't interfere with your current work flow too much.

The only ones you really will be needing to review are ones that your process servers attached from the process server interface, the ones your clients may have attached from the client interface and the ones that come to you from the hub.

Now we finally have a way to catch them and let you put your eyes on them before people get emailed about them.

Thanks to John Miller at for articulating this one.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Email Clients On Each Attempt

 This feature has been added to client and company profile. When checked it will use a default email or gorgeous Configure->Emails->Auto Status Item Email that you can configure with HTML.

Soon as you approve a status item, an email goes out within 5 minutes, check it out.

Those custom emails can be configures NICE! Ask me for some samples on that and people will wonder wtf kind of software you use to put out emails like that.


Training Video New Mobile App

Looks like we gonna be getting some videos in for the new mobile app. That's what happens when ya team up with people.  Videos and docum...