New feature 11/27! Custom Scanned Document Emails

Special Thanks to Chris Broderick at Elite Legal and Joshua Anderson at Serenity Legal for this one:

Under Configure->General Setup->Document Types (Scans) you can now set a custom email for each document type.

That's huge because when you scan a set of Service Documents, it can say one thing and advise the client what to expect, etc...

...and then when you Hi-Speed Automatic Barcode Recognition Scan a set of Affiadvits, it can automatically mark it as received back from the server (via programmable rules) and it can say another thing and advise the client its being mailed, already filed, etc...

These are custom HTML emails you can make with nice images/logos in them.

Set up properly, this feature puts a really nice face on your agency and lets you automate the scanning process to trigger other things to happen upon the scan.

That's real polish and automation that makes a huge difference in your workflow, not the fluff the other guys are trying to sell you on in their pretty videos.

Let us know if you need any help with this and keep the ideas coming, we never would have thought of this without Elite and Serenity.

Thank you!

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