Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Some new updates we have added:

Client Status Report now allows you to select multiple clients

Server Status Report has been added

We made the Client File# search much faster off the command center.

We added under Configure->General Setup->Document Types (Scans) the ability to also specify if the document is visible to the process server. If the process server can see it, the program will let them download it.

In line with the above update, we have added the ability for the process server to select document types that are visible to them so that they can specify which documents they are attaching. Previously, it just said ATTACHED BY PROCESS SERVER as the document type.

NAPPS SDTS integration is nearly complete and it will also allow full compatibility with trading to PST and other software programs supported by their UTP Platform. This is important because... Actually... Jobs coming to you off the NAPPS site really dont have alot of information! They don't even send you the court! But jobs you send through to other PST user and receive from them will send/receive more information. This will cost 10 cents per job you send through (and maybe receive, im not sure) but they will invoice you for this directly. I get no kickback from this and I am fundamentally against you having to pay for this but... it is a nice feature and its probably surely worth 10 cents per job.

We have also agreed with Process Master to give access to the LD hub so that you may trade jobs with Process Master users. I will be sending them specs this weekend and publishing the API for all programs/vendors to use if they choose to. As far as I know, this service wont cost you anything at all. Not on our end, anyway.  We are big fans of all-inclusive pricing. Guaranteed Subpoena already uses the hub to push jobs in to LD users and receive back updates and photos and scanned docs, etc. so really, we just have to do the documentation so that other process serving agencies/software vendors can use it, we are..... historically very poor with documentation and hope to improve on that.

We are also cleansing our hub of unfetched events every month, so nothing older than one month will remain in our hub so make sure you pull your stuff down every day.

Fortunately, we are strong on features :)

There has been alot of small updates, I will try to do better about posting them here. Sometimes, they just take a few minutes and a customer requests something and we just do it real quick and don't document it. We will get better at that.

BIG FEATURE! Liquid Design Possibilities Are Endless...

Hey check this out: LDMax allows you to have different job screens for different job types. I'm terrible at design but I'm learn...