Wednesday, October 10, 2018

HOT LoyalScan Update Integrates With Batch Operations

Hey! Hurry up and Download and extract it into a folder somewhere.
Run it, it will give an error message, just Continue

When you get to the main screen just hit Settings and put in your login information.

Check it out and hit us back with feedback so we can make it better. It sure is fast!

Thanks to Rich Kingdon at Shadow Process Service, when it finds a barcode it now has a textbox where it places the job number with a semicolon so if it finds a few it does this too:


Once you pull your mouse over that textbox it copies it and you can just paste them into BatchOps in LDMax in case you want to do even more batch processing things to the jobs you just attached!\


Thanks Rich!

BIG FEATURE! Liquid Design Possibilities Are Endless...

Hey check this out: LDMax allows you to have different job screens for different job types. I'm terrible at design but I'm learn...