Updates are FUN!

We added custom emails for when you hit Email Affidavit. Now you can send breath-taking HTML emails that will have people wondering what technology you are using for this. They can have your logos in them, any text or formatiing you like, etc...

You can also send multiple affidavits in one email. Hit us up if you would like us to set this up for you and then you can modify is as you please.

We will be making all of the emails this way.

We've added alot more over the past month but I've been very poor about documenting that. I will try to do better, I like it when you can see all the new stuff going on.

We also have a custom email where you can send out a custom email with a list of jobs that havent been attempted in xxx days to your process servers. We can have it fire every xxx days, it's pretty neat.

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