Monday, June 25, 2018

Proximity Matrix is BACK!!!

The proximity matrix is back!

You must uninstall the present version of the old ldmobile.

Google play had removed it

The new one is now version 180 and it has the prox back!!

After you download new jobs you do the geocode addressit will miss a few thats ok just hit the back button and select geocode addressses again.

The only ones that remain are the missed onesgo geocode them again until it doesnt miss any more then its ready to use the proximity matrix,

And that..... works as before!!

Check it out we gonna need some feedback !!

What are we talking about here? No more routing out your jobs. The program shows you them on a map so you can just pick the one closest to you and get automatic turn by turn directions from Navigator!

No more multiple stop routing programs just go!

BIG FEATURE! Liquid Design Possibilities Are Endless...

Hey check this out: LDMax allows you to have different job screens for different job types. I'm terrible at design but I'm learn...