Friday, September 29, 2017

So many new features.....

Sorry it's been awhile since we posted, the new features were coming out so fast.

We have an incredible court filing system going on, we are still tweaking it with a customer before we start bragging about it.

Check request system is also working nicely, we are finalizing that as well with a guinea-pig before releasing it into your programs.

We have commenced work on a new California Mode for California agencies and are loading in all forms.

We are also taking on the accounting system and wanting a double-entry accounting system so you can handle your bank balances and payables in the system too. It would be nice if you could use LD to pay your electric bill and track your other business expenses as well.

The LDMax Mobile iPhone app is STRONG and has passed heavy testing. Everyone loves it - we have commenced work re-doing the Android app to be just like it.

Lots of stuff going on, I wanted to blog about each new feature coming out but we all (3 programmers here) started rolling them out at the same time I just couldn't keep it current. As I write this, I'm here in New York and we are all coding in alot of stuff.


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