LDMax Customer Actually Happy

... one time a few years ago someone told me that a day without LoyalDog issues was like a day without the sun, it just didn't happen.

The customer was right. We had a Windows app which we still support but it can be challenging because things break sometimes when Windows does an update and antivirus and scanning software can interfere with the user's experience and make it appear like something is broken or super slow. It was very frustrating to have a program that worked right but get blamed when Windows screws something up. 

So, a coupla years ago we really went nuts on the LDMax web app that run on Linux and is only used in a Chrome or Firefox browser by the customer whether on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS or Android... It runs consistently and is much MUCH easier to support and install (you dont install anything!)...

We are able to do updates and customizations so much faster because it is written in one language instead of two and the code is leaner and meaner.

2 days ago, we had a neat feature request and dove in to make it happen. Today it is Saturday morning and Jake announced it to the customer that it is completed and they do the testing and Jake is starting the documentation for it and the customer replies:

"Like seriously...I know guys who use other products that bitch they can't get something simple fixed (not even upgraded...just fixed) You guys go above and beyond. I know I bitch on occasion because that's just my personality......but I recognize a superior product and an extraordinary company. Thank you sir."


We live for this. Really made our day. Thank you man.

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