New Sexy iPhone App Nears Completion

Final stages on this one, and it's beautiful. We really tried to go the HTML5 route on iPhone but it just isn't as reliable as it should be.  So... in the meantime, iPhone updated the language we can use to write apps with and we took advantage of it and make you a new iPhone app. You're going to like this one.

We've also done about 50+ small improvements to the program. Some you will notice immediately like showing the documents on the case screen and requestors able to interact with client messages, etc... I wanted to start posting them all here but I don't want to dilute the credibility of this blog by making a post out of every small enhancement we put in the program. Sometimes it's a little thing like under ZAXZ mobile subservers adding the subserver name to the status item (done) or adding in a Bad Address feature that lets you track these (done), adding more tags to customizable email notifications (done),enhancing client interface so clients can specify which document type they are uploading (done), rewriting the engine on the data hub to be faster and more efficient (done), doing several new high volume data links with law firms (done)....

I could have filled up June with little posts like this but I'm trying balance out tracking all the small things and not just posting things to try to look relevant like some of our competitors do.

July and August are going to be big for the program. 

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