Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Custom Command Centers/Menus Taking Off

Good Morning!

Sorry it has been awhile since our last post, we've been very busy giving agencies custom menus and command centers. Since that last post, I have traveled to USA and went on-site with 2 large agencies and handled their migrations to LDMax and custom tweaks.

Some agencies have proprietary data links with some large law firms so we enable that on their menus so everyone doesn't have to see them. We have also been simplifying the menus for some of our customers... As you know, LDMax lets you invoice in so many different ways, it is nice to only show the ways that each agency is actively using.

One changed their data link format and we have been integrating this and have also done a large data link with another foreclosure firm. The past month has been very busy here. A lot of small features have been added in the program that are too numerous to list each one of them, just small tweaks but.. when you take a hundred small tweaks and add them up, the result is something that is much easier to use. Like the new L & T Bulk entry under the Jobs tab. This one is nice for L&T's on apartment buildings.

Get ready for more features. Bindu has freed up and is back to work on the program. For the past 3 months she has been working a very custom client interface for a customer (yes, we do that) and then we had her working in the HTML5 mobile apps but... We decided to bite the bullet and go with a new iPhone app written in their new language, Swift. The iPhone app we did in Chrome at is working but we are not able to record audio only with it due to limitations in  iPhone's implementation of HTML5 and since it is an offline browser app... It could be unreliable sometimes. As much as I wanted the flexibility of HTML5, it just didn't deliver up to the standards that you need out there on the street. Lesson learned. This new one will show in the iStore soon and it is by far the prettiest thing you have seen compared to all of the others out there. Getting Bindu back into LDMax code along with Jake and I brings 3 highly skilled programmers back to focus on LDMax. That's gonna be huge.

In about a week or two, I expect us to free up and focus on some eFiling. I'm tired of hearing about e-filing and not having it built into LDMax.

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