Code39 Multipage on LDWIN5

Hey I see some of you stubborn agencies out there don't like to switch off your smooth ldwin5 and get on LDMax...

That's fine with us. We have added server-side Code-39 multipage recognition to the program for you. Upload one file (or many) and it will take things apart and put them on the jobs they need to do go to.

It's on the web side under the new recognition tab after you login at (or your own server) - check it out, it uses the same method that LDMax uses and is quite reliable.

What you may not realize with ldwin5 is that even though you are using a Windows program, there is a web-side interface into it also. :) We have some statistical analysis, GPS features, imports, exports and barcode recognition there for your pleasure.

Datamatrix coming soon.

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