Friday, October 28, 2016

Real-Time (Well, within 15 mins) Data-Link with Provest

Do you do work for Provest?

We now have a way you can use their barcodes to match their jobs up in your system real fast and then your system will fire back your photos/gps and attempts to them as you approve them. Provest pushed real hard for this and was even nice enough to help me do it, since I wasn't skilled at all in the protocol they use to communicate.

I've been asking them for:

1) having the court, documents and defendant caption also sent to us -- if they do that then you wont have to match them up, we could make it so you scan their barcode and the case just drops in. that..... would be nice.

2) having your scanned documents fire back to them also

3) getting a web service for your invoices to them to go back

4) getting your completion information to go back

5) getting new case filing information to go back

YOU can help by:

1) Getting set up for this... just let us know.

2) Pestering them for the above items to be added to their interface. Provest wants THEIR information fast. You're going to have to kick them a few times to get YOUR information from them. 

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