Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Datamatrix Multipage Recognition is here....

Eh we been hearing ya.. You want to just throw a bunch of stuff in the scanner and scan it all into one file and then have the program read the barcodes and extract the pages that are between barcodes and attach to jobs.

We have this now.

It works with the datamatrix barcode so.. if you scan in 20 pages and the first page reads a workorder and the 10th page reads an affidavit and the 11th page reads service documents... it will take pages 1-9 and make a new pdf file of them and attach it to the job with the workorder, take page 10 and attach it to the job with the affidavit and take page 11-20 and make a pdf of them and attach them to the job with the service documents.

It's hot! :)

It's under Batch Ops-->Batch Datamatrix ONE FILE MULTIPAGE RECOGNITION... Check it out, it needs to be PDF that you upload into it and no spaces or special chars like underscores, etc in the filename, just letters and numbers.

Let us know how you like it!


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