Monday, April 18, 2016


Good morning!

I noticed that the Configure menu had so many items on it that it went all the way to the bottom of the screen if you selected it. That can make for scrolling problems if you have to scroll down to something and it disappears, so I added some additional categories for things:

Advanced Setup (for things you don't use too much)
Billing Setup (for invoice line items and price codes)
General Setup (for the things you need to get going)

Hopefully this simplifies things.

Jake has some big changes coming with integrated documentation and a built-in messaging on the command center. We don't want you to have to leave your program to get help. We want to be right at your fingertips in your program. I understand he is finishing this one up. Get ready. :)

The new mobile app also has some EXCELLENT updates. New link for it is: -- clear all your Google caches and load this one up. It has integrated documentation. The iphone app is ready also but we are having some issues with the server cacheing pages - we expect it to be ready for you very shortly.

After almost 4 years in the Philippines, I have decided to move back to the USA with my family. I went out there alone and am returning with a lovely wife and 4 kids. It really came down to a decision of keeping things as they are and living the easy life overseas or doubling down and being able to give personal service again. The kind of personal service that sets us apart from our competitors and delights our customers.

I am here now setting everything up, just bought a trademark Dayton rustbucket truck and am making a massive cross-country trip to drop in on some of our customers, hang around in their offices and fit the program VERY solidly to what they need and also to get new ideas. There's nothing like boots on the ground and I'm here until at least mid-June. I can see myself here for most of the summer, too. There's alot of people to see! Current stops going to be: NY, IL, AZ, NV, FL, DC, WA, GA and CA. If you want me to drop in your office, make sure all is good, show you things in the program and/or make new things for you... Let us know so we can add you to the list. I'm really looking to use our custom screens for job types to give you smooth workflow for the different types of jobs you do and other optimizations on site.

I'm still on the fence about attending the NAPPS convention in NM on June 2. There is an 85% chance that I will be going there and hanging out meeting old and new friends. I have really missed everyone, I just try to avoid politics and b.s. as much as I can and concentrate on having the best software and keeping our customers happy.

Need anything, hit us up. We are here for you.

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