Sunday, December 20, 2015

2016 Road Map - Get Ready!

Happy Holidays everyone! Rob and family are in Malaysia until the end of the year on an island called Langkawi. I'd love to tell you that we're just basking in the sun over here, but the truth is that we are in a very quiet and secluded place here relaxing our minds and coding hard with our hands. We've got alot of stuff going on for 2016 and I wanted to clue you in on some of it so you know what to expect.

Your LDMax program is going to get some password policies. You're going to have to use stronger passwords (which the program will help you with) and you're going to be able to set an interval to change them on. 30, 60 or 90 days.

You're going to see more alerts and logging. especially with respect to locations.

The new iPhone app is nearing completion for LDMax. As it finishes, we will lock the server down to only allow encrypted connections. Right now the Android app is 100% encrypted but we leave the possibility for unencrypted connections to happen so that the existing iPhone app can communicate with it.

When both mobile apps are completed, we are going to add in some very nice bells and whistles. We well know that everything is going mobile and things are going to get really interesting on the mobile side of things.

The customizable job screens work good. We are doing heavy development for a customer. There's going to be a big change implemented over the next few days with it. We are going to make it possible to have customizable job screens for each Job Type. This is huge, here's why:

Back when I started process serving, all I did was process serving. There was plenty of work and other stuff was just a distraction. The industry is changing though and there is great opportunities for quick thinkers ready to pounce.

New opportunities are going to open up. These days, process servers aren't just process servers. You are finding opportunities to do courier work, tenant inspections, investigations, collateral inspections, field calls, Uber service, photocopying, mobile notary -- and the list goes on and will continue to get stuff added to it. In the near future, you may be delivering medical supplies, checking up on elderly relatives for people, delivering stuff for Amazon and other companies that might be popping up that need dynamic and creative logistics to happen.

An honest, computer-literate person on the street with mobile technology is gonna be able to find work and they're going to need something slick to back them up and handle it all.

Can you rig all these jobs into your current process serving software? Yep. It's like fitting a square peg in a round hole but you can do it for billing purposes and reporting. But... What if we had custom job screens for each job type? Then you  (or us) could just make a nice screen that fits that job type like a glove. Proper field names, a layout that fits what you are doing without any extra useless complexity that you don't need for that job type? Reports that all were tweaked with the job type info... This hasn't been so important in the past, but it's never been more important now. If you are going to be successful and dominate your competitors, then you have to think 10 years ahead, and so do we.

LDMax is going to change from process serving software to field agent software. And... if you don't want to notice, you won't. All your screens are going to stay the same unless you want to leverage this capability. We'll make some default customizable screens (we already have one for process serving that you are all using - we switched to this part already and made sure you didn't notice) for each job type and make sure you can see that they are customizable and we're going to make sure that you are very delighted and impressed in 2016.

Merry Christmas and if you're not believing in Christmas, we still hope you can get your holiday on one way or another! :)

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