Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Get Ready...

We got ourselves a nice lab to set up over! We are going to be releasing some things that we have been doing R & D. You don't think I've just been hanging out at the beach all this time, do you?

We are also embedding some documentation into the program to make using it even easier and we are extending the customizable job screen framework  throughout the program so that most of the program will also be customizable. We want the program to be as easy to use as Facebook. This will enable us to make it fit some customers much closer than any software has been able to in the past.

Slowly, we are migrating everyone over to our new encrypted server. As we do this, we are also changing the table engine type to the InnoDB engine from MyISAM. This basically makes your programs even faster and more responsive. 4-day daily snapshots are retained automatically by Amazon RDS now. The InnoDB engine also allows us to start scripting mysqldump backups as well without locking the database as this being done. This.... Is NICE!

The new offline HTML5 mobile app for Android is maturing. If you are on LDMax, you should be giving this one a shot. We are also working the same type of app for iPhone. It's about halfway done. We are having difficulty with it because iPhone isn't supporting indexeddb and also is stripping out all of the EXIF information that we need for the GPS. We're working on it and we'll get a nice solution together on it. In the meantime, the droid one is humming along nice and seems to be working on most devices. Once we have iPhone and Android working perfectly and for a while, we will be adding in wild bells and whistles to those applications.

2016 is going to see some major innovations in the area of security. It's going to be a pain as you will be forced to use encrypted connections and forced to have strong passwords that change often but those are good bragging points for your clients and we will be having some wild things for you to brag about.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up... We have been doing regular updates and feature additions, but the pace of that is going to be increasing. :) Hit us with your input, we need your suggestions to make it best. If you've suggested something to us and we didn't put it in or give you a good reason why not... Maybe we lost track of it. Suggest it again.

Having the best software for process servers is hard. Continuing to have the best software for you is even harder. We need your help and we're here for you.

Do you have all of our contact information?

Pam is: Skype: pamelapatrimonio -- Email:

Maria is: Skype: maria.diasnes01 -- Email:

Jake is: Skype: fjamessevilla -- Email:

Bindu is: Skype: bin.rose -- Email:

Rovilyn is: Skype: rovilynpelayo2015 -- Email:

Rob is: Skype: loyalpuppy -- Email: -- Phone: +639364240043



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