Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Custom Job Screens Are Here!

Good Morning!

Thanks to some real arm twisting by Johnno Lazetich over at, we have added the ability to make custom job screens in the program. It was very hard to set up but Johnno has special needs and we do what we gotta do for our customers, man. This one took a long time to get right.

So.... There is a new default job screen if you don't have a custom job screen set up. It... Looks EXACTLY like the one you been using all along.

If we did it right, you shouldn't notice anything different on your job screen.

So.. Watch your job screens. If anything doesn't work right, let us know right away. We tested this, but nothing tests as good as real use.

Now, we can dial in things so that each customer can have their own custom job screen. We can move things around, take them out, add new things... you can even hire your OWN designer to design you a new job screen and we can just plug the data into it. They just need to use XSL transformation to make HTML. It's actually kinda easy now that we set up the feature.

We are going to make the other screens in the program customizable as well. In this way, everyone can have what they need their own way without interfering with the default setup of the program.


Looking forward to your input.


How did we do that?

Well, we took the data out of the code. The queries that you see for the job screen are ran first, before anything is rendered to you. Then, the program makes a BIG xml dataset out of it and then loads up the customized (or default) stylesheet and performs XSLT (XSL Transformation) against the XML dataset and pops you out an HTML page that is exactly to your specs.

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