Friday, January 23, 2015

Lose Windows and their licensing too! It's about time!

Most of you know me know that I have despised Windows for the longest time. I never liked is instability, its tendency towards getting a virus, the ease with which it is hacked and the expense of the programs that you have to get for it.

There was just no real alternative to it that was mature and easy enough to use for me to advise our customers to ditch it.

Until now.

The new Ubuntu at is REAL nice. You can have your agency's workstations and servers on it and its free. Updates are free, everything is free.

Those of you with Quickbooks.... There are a few nice accounting programs for Linux but also... Quickbooks has a web version. :)

I urge you to give the new Ubuntu a try. I have switched my development computers to it and I gotta tell you, its really nice. I highly recommend checking it out for your agency. If you decide to take the plunge and need some extra advice, we can help you.



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