Wednesday, December 3, 2014

LDMAX - Splatter Completions (and all kinds of other actions)

Want to splatter the same completion info to a bunch of jobs - like if you served 100 corporate or insurance defense subpoenas on the same person at the same place?

Batch Ops-->Batch Completion

Barcode-Scan the worksheets or just enter in the job numbers

Then, highlight those job numbers and Copy them. You can use them again for other batch ops..

Then hit the Submit button and enter in the completion information... It will splatter to all those jobs in one shot!

Batch Ops->Print Affidavits (paste in those job numbers you copied) will print out all the affidavits.

Then just Batch Ops->Add charges (paste in those job numbers you copied) on the same jobs and Billing->Test Invoice/Real Invoice to Batch Bill Them.

You can do 100 jobs this way in about 2 minutes, it's so fast and easy. There are ALOT of wild, splatter batch options under Batch Ops.. Check them out and let us know how they work for you!

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