Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why did Orange County Sheriff cancel their process server program?

Recently, the Orange County, Florida Sheriff decided to cancel their process serving program, effectively putting alot of people out of a job.

Today a blog post came out from Serve-Now.com:


At the bottom it states that there's no indication as to why the Sheriff would do that. I posted up what I'm about to tell you but they deleted it. They know full well why it happened, they just want some SEO buzz on their blog. :(

Nobody really wants to talk about this letter that Lance Randall, the president of FAPPS (Florida Association of Professional Process Servers) fired over to the Sheriff:


Randy Scott from http://aforps.com put in a public records request and got the letter.

 In it, Lance tells the sheriff he is acting outside the scope of his authority on some policies of theirs and mentions seeking injunctive relief if things can't be worked out.

I don't have any "ins" at OCSO but I gotta tell ya if I was the Sheriff and got a letter like that, I just might cancel the whole damn thing too. There's a nice discussion at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProcessServerInstitute/permalink/966544956705037/

Nice work, FAPPS.

Let's see what gets done on this, it would be a tragedy for all of those process servers to get screwed like this. Maybe the Sheriff will change his mind or the court will appoint?

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