Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Smoking HOT California Forms Coming To LDMax!!!

Yeh I hear ya out there, we been doing the actual judicial council forms for years. In fact, we're the ONLY ones doing the ACTUAL judicial council form! --But the WAY we've been doing it with dropping the text on an actual image of the proof left us with an EXACT copy, but.... a little grainy -- and the images were large and loaded slow.

The real reason I moved LDMax over to the high speed server is for the faster barcode recognition and to leverage this new tool that lets us make the CA forms in crystal clear detail. -- and MUCH easier. The old way was very very hard to do and made for a whole lot of work if there was a change in the forms.

Look out, this one's less than a week away and it'll make the CA forms easy as pie to work on and just as clear as they are on the Judicial Council's website!

You're not going to believe how good the CA forms are gonna be popping in this program.

Very stoked about this, this one has been a long time coming and we can leverage this technology to do other hard forms too.

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