Sunday, September 28, 2014

New NY Court Rules!

Happy Weekend everyone!

New York, in its glorious analness, has decided to make some changes that go into effect on 10/1.

208.6-h for Civil Courts in NYC area. 202-27-b, 210.14-b and 212.14-b for all other areas.

If you are dealing with a consumer credit transaction case, you have to send out a special mailing with your proof of service. One set is for civil courts inside the five-borough area and the other set is for other courts.

For some of our customers who deal alot with this type of work, we have just had the program know if its a five-boro court and print the letter if needed based on certain clients.

With this new law change, though... That little band-aid solution isn't going to work anymore. Now, the program REALLY needs to know what kind of CASE you are working on. So.. There's been a big update do LDMAX and LDWin5...

If you are using LDMAX, you are already using the latest version. If you are using LDWin5, make sure your Binary and PHP are both at 4.0638. Any probs updating, hit us up on Skype and we'll make sure you get updated first.

So.. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a case type in there for: Consumer Credit Transaction

Just like that, Capitals on the first letters: Consumer Credit Transaction

You might as well make a regular case type for cases that are not Consumer Credit Transaction too. Call it Lawsuit or something. You will do this from Configure->Case Types.

Second thing you need to do is tell the program which of your cases are consumer credit transactions.

You will do this with Splatter Fields.

First you will select the jobs to do this on. You can do this in a few ways. You can hit Batch Ops->Actions On Stack and put in the job numbers separated by a semicolon (778;779;800;801) -- your barcode guns can do this also if they are set to add a semicolon after anything they scan. Once you pull up the result screen just select all and then With Selected: Splatter Fields.

Another way is to just search them out any way you can Reports->All Open Jobs - Advanced Search/Client -- however you do it, just get up a result set and then Select the jobs and With Selected--->Splatter Fields.

Once you get Splatter Fields up, you just check the box next to Case Type and select the CaseType you will be splattering them to like Consumer Credit Transaction and then hit the button at the bottom and make it happen. If you are in ldwin5, make sure you CLOSE the results screen behind the Splatter Fields screen after the Splatter Fields screen disappears and then you're in business.

That is how you bring your existing cases into line.

When you do a batch import, you will need to pull up the jobs again via Advanced search (all jobs received today for xxxx client) and set all of the cases to Consumer Credit Transaction as listed above. We are changing the import screens to allow you to enter in the case type at the time of import, but until they're all done, you can pull them up in search and Select All and Splatter Fields to the correct case type.

If you are a NY customer of ours, CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY! Different agencies are interpreting this new law differently so we need put your Manners/Affidavits in line with how YOU are interpreting the law. I don't want you to get stuck with what I think you need.

Never could get two process servers to agree on anything... That's like getting two lawyers to agree on the law. They may be interpreting this differently too, so DO hit us up so we can get you happy.

Don't worry, LD is as crazy as you are and can accommodate you just fine. ESPECIALLY in New York!

Don't think we forgot you, California....

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