Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Get more clients by talking to their software

Nothing messes up your competitors more than being agile. We're finishing up a new feature allowing custom exports for law firms and other process servers.

Many law firms want your software to talk to theirs. And they want it to happen in a way they specify. If you can do it the way they want, you have an edge.

Our new custom export feature makes it very easy and very fast for you (or us) to design an export to your client's specs and have your system shoving in completion information, new case acknowledgements, photos, scans and new case filing information.

There's all kinds of ways they want to get this stuff too: FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Email, WebService - It's a complicated maze and it used to require a whole lot of custom IT work. Now it is simple and fast and you look real good when you can do things this way in an agile manner.

What used to take a couple of days to set up now takes less than an hour. Show this kind of responsiveness and capability to prospective clients and you'll have your whole leg in the door while your competition scrambles to comply.

Everyone talks a good game when they're in front of the client pitching their business. You are in a whole different league when you produce something the same day.

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